Good news

Hi all,

Just wanted to post this as when I was panicking last week about my results, it really helped
me to read about women who had had treatment/biopsies go well.

I had my first cervical smear a month ago (am 25) and got a letter saying high grade dyskaryosis.
Completely freaked out - have never had a symptom, normal periods etc... but nearly all women in my family
have had to have hysterectomies as a result of pre-cancerous cells, so assumed had pre-cancerous cells
and could potentially not have children. Was devastated.

So - I had my colposcopy last week and the doc said he was surprised it was stated as 'high grade' as he said the
changes looked mild. He took three punch biopsies to make sure and, last night, after I pestered for a week,
he told me my results confirmed that it was mild dyskaryosis/CIN1 and that I didn't need treatment :-)

He said it looked to 'be sorting itself out' and I am to book a follow up in 4 months, at which
point they will test me for HPV (as this wasn't done at my smear) and will take it from there.

I am so, so relieved!

Also - not sure how much truth is in this, but: a friend of mine said that due to the number of
young women not having regular-enough smears, they are calling women back for a colpsocopy if they have
any change in cells (however mild) to make sure they take cervical screening seriously.
So my point is - try not to beat yourself up if you get called for colposcopy as it may not be as scary as you think!
My doc said around 20/30% women at colposcopy end up not needing any treatment...


Congratulations on your good news - you give people like me (waiting for results) hope that I could maybe get good news and not the bad news I am dreading.

Thank you for sharing xx

FANTASTIC news!! :-) So happy for you! I had my colposcopy Monday and he confirmed CIN3 and had loop incisions to rid me of the 5 areas of bad cells he found. Now having a nervous wait for results! Great that you had your results so quickly and such positive news too - makes me feel better reading good news like this! Thanks for sharing x

Thanks for your comments :-)

I got my confirmation letter last night, in which my specialist said that 60-70% of CIN1 clears up on its own

I've got everything crossed for both of you!

Very easy to say but: try not to dwell on it - keep busy and stay positive! :-)


This is brilliant and gives me hope.  Thanks for sharing x