Hi I had my colposcopy yesterday. Wasn't as bad I was expecting. No treatment was done, but a biopsy was taken, the nurse/doctor wasn't very I formative tbh, just said it will take 3-4 weeks to get my results. I noticed last night when I went to the toilet that there a lump of something in the tissue, it was white and grey and very thick, not solid but didn't break down when I squeezed it in the tissue. Sorry to be graphic! Later, I checked again and there were a couple of more bits. Nine today, just the expected bleeding. What could it be? I've been so tired today, cramping stomach and more dizzy than usual. I'm half convinced it's the stress of the lead up to yesterday and now continued while waiting for the results, but I don't like it one bit. I'm a runner, I have a marathon in 6 weeks. I know I shouldn't run tomorrow, not even a little run but running is like my life glue and I really need it right now. It would be daft to go with this dizziness though so I'm going to sulk and eat chocolate instead. I love this site, still trying to get around it though. For example it won't let me reply to a previous post I did - so thank you to those who replied. I managed one reply, but not after that!

Hi, I had my colposcopy Thurs and They took some punch hole biopsies, and said they use a paste to stop the bleeding and then the paste can come out. Maybe it could be that? I think mine came out today although it was quite dark not grey but I do have my period at the moment (sorry too much info!). Hope your ok, I know it's all so scary I'm terrified. I bet it is the stress that's causing dizziness. I have lost weight this week which would normally be a positive but I know it's the stress! I'm having issues replying to posts too, only on ipad tho it's fine on laptop. When you post there is a thing below the comment box to disable rich-text. Try that it's seems to be letting my post when I do that! X

I had the same.  It was like a deflated gray balloon!  I think it's normal.