Some tips & advice please

Hello all, as some of you know I had some glitches with if I was geting a surgery date or not! I got my letter in the post last Thursday confirming the 27th of November! Only about 2 weks away now, just to ask for some advice about what to take with, what to expect, & some tips for when I'm in & after please!!! I'm having a radical hyterectomy, was diagnosed on  the 17th september, Stage 1B.


not long now! So get shopping for some big pants!! I mean big pants, at least a size bigger than you are normally. Not nice frilly knickers but pants!

make sure you have at least 2 nightshirts, not pyjamas because of the drain and catheter you will have in.

lots of small bottles of water. I found it easier to drink out of a small bottle with pull up top than a beaker/glass- I drank gallons in the first couple of days!

phone/iPad- I watched a film the day after op as I couldn't focus on reading

face wipes, shampoo, conditioner (travel ones, if can), flannel, hand towel (u can use hospitals), shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste

mints- polos were good 

baggy dress to wear home

cushion to put over belly for car journey home

ear plugs and eye mask so sleep is a bit easier in a busy hospital

hair band- I wore a big thick Alice band the whole time in hospital as couldn't even brush my hair

and that's about it! I took a book but never read it. No need for other clothes and didn't get dressed until I left. Remember slippers and socks as floors will be cold once start walking around (in your super sexy green medical socks!!). And a dressing gown. 

If I think of anything else, I will add later!!

are u going in the night before? I did and had my own room luckily enough as I didn't feel like socialising with other ladies on the ward... It was a mixture of single rooms and 4bed rooms where I was. The staff were all fab and everything was explained well. Really was looked after well. So try not to worry. I thought it would be really painful but when I woke after surgery I was just groggy and uncomfortable, no great pain as I expected. Then I was out of bed the next morning in the chair for a wash with the nurse! 

Good luck x anything else u need to know, make sure u ask!! 


Thanks  Dons

It's good to get an idea from someone who went through it already!!