Surgery 8.6.15

Hi Ladies,

Hope you're all doing ok?

Ive got my date for my hysterectomy, 8.6.15. Just wondered if any Ladies had any hints or tips for me please?

Many thanks,

Clare xxx


Good luck with your upcoming surgery. It's a massive op, hopefully they'll be able to it laprascopically though? I had to have abdominal due to massive pesky fibroid, so surgery was a little more tricky. 
In terms of tips, make as much food as you can for the freezer before you go in. Get lots and lots of new jammies and knickers in at least a full size bigger- make sure they have proper drawstring waists too (not the phoney ones) and 100% cotton! Anything polyester feels gross and sweaty! 

Hopefully you won't be in hospital for too long ( I was 5 nights) but ask friends/family to bring you fresh fruit/salads to keep the ol' bowels moving. Gas after the op is brutal - you won't feel normal til that first poop (sorry if TMI but fact!) I went home with the catheter for over 2 weeks to allow everything to heal as much as poss- this requires a shedload of patience and lots of harem style pants. 

Once catheter is out - leggings seem to be de rigeur- wish the weather would warm up though - dresses would be great too. 

best of luck with it all -sounds like the surgery is to give you the 'gold standard' as my surgeon said. Drop me a line if any other q's! 


Hi Clare :-)

I would recommend nighties for hospital, lots of people recommend peppermint tea for the gas (Leila is correct - brutal is the perfect word for it) Big pants, joggy bottoms or harem pants and some suggest a cushion to go between you and your seatbelt if you are going home in a car. Books or magazines, headphones and music. Get your housework done beforehand and fill your freezer. Line up some treats.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Clare,

Super that you have a date so soon. I hope it all goes swimmingly and that you have a swift recovery. I can't offer any advice but wanted you to know that I'll be thinking of you.

All the best

Rachel x

Thanks Ladies!!!!

Just had my pre op all seems to be fine but no one can tell me exactly what they are removing!!!! I want to keep my ovaries but my surgeon wasn't around! They are taking my womb & cervix for defo! Roll on 8.6.15!

Clare xx 

I did try asking for a tummy tuck whilst he's there but apparently you don't get them on the NHS! Xxx

Hi Clare


How you getting on hun after your operation, i havd mind in tuesday.