Radical Hysterectomy

I'm booked in for a radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node removal on Monday and I'm terrified ! I know I need it to get rid of the cancer but it's the biggest thing I've ever had to go through in my life (even spinal surgery) has anyone else been through this procedure are there anythings I need to take into hospital etc I'm gonna miss my children so much as I have to go to a hospital an hour a half away from where I live. Just feeling a little overwhelmed :(

I had a radical, my blog tells loads! 

Advice; buy leggings, pj bottoms etc a size bigger, you will be swollen, get some ready meals in/stock the freezer,get some peppermint tea bags for wind! , get anusol and dried fruit laxatives for constipation, take music and headphones to hospital (to drown out the noise of well, hospital!) give your house a good clean, magazines for hospital (you probably won't be able to concentrate on books)  that's all the practical stuff! 

Its a tough op, but the recovery varies so much between people. Some people seem to bounce back very quickly. I hope you are one of those and it goes well! 

Thank you so much x that is so helpful x 

Oh and don't forget to paint your toenails! 



I had the operation 3 months ago and luckily recovered well and am now back at work on a phased return.  I'm even taking my son (on my own) to Twickenham this Saturday to watch the rugby.

When I had the RH it was also the first surgery I had ever had so I was scared but the nurses and doctors were all really lovely and reassuring.  You won't even remember going to sleep and when you are in hospital you are looked after so well and all the nurses make sure you are not in pain.  Don't feel afraid to ask any questions and trust your instints.

In addition to the great tips above:

  1. - Bring at least 3 nighties - easier to wear with a catheter and drain. 
  2. - Dressing gown and slippers if not provided by hospital.  You will be wearing ugly surgical stockings so flip flop are no good.  Top tip keep the old ones when these are replaced as you will be wearing them at home for a while and it is good to have some spares.
  3. - Grannie pants one size larger than normal - ASDA were very cheap.  
  4. - Nice shower gel/deoderant/shampoo and possibly make up to make you feel a bit more normal.
  5. - A few treats for visitors (I had a bag of sweets for when the kids came)
  6. - Definitely peppermint tea!  Nobody warned me about trapped wind that manages to find its way up into your shoulder blade.  
  7. - Don't be suprised everything down there feels swollen or numb.  You may also get lymph leakage down below
  8. - As a mum you need to relax and let others look after you.  Accept offers of help.  My Mum moved in for a week so hubbie could look after the kids.  You will feel tired but the pain can be controlled and doesn't last too long. Pretty soon it is ibrofen and paracetamol.  Make sure you have stocked up on these for when you go home.
  9. - Keep positive but remember this is major surgery so don't expect too much of yourself too quickly.
  10. - Remember everybody is different.  Ask the nurses questions if things don't feel right - they want to help.
  11. Finally bring something that will make you smile.  I had my i-pad and my friends sent me little messages to cheer me 

x I hope this helps - good luck with the operation.

Finally - I did have a tidy up down below before I went under .



Hiya :-)

I too have had spinal surgery and you are correct, a radical hysterectomy does not compare, but try not to worry, at least you are familiar with surgery and hospital procedures so at least that much will be similar. The trapped wind is definitely the worst part and many people here speak about peppermint tea so make sure to include that! I gave myself a good shave the night before as I really didn't want the nurses doing that for me. Nighties and large knickers for while you are in hospital, loose jog pants or harem trousers for the journey home, and some have said a big cushion to go between your scar and your seat belt if you are going home in a car. I had a lap-top so I could stay in touch with the world outside and I did manage to read some books, but maybe not anything with too many characters or a complicated plot ;-)

Be lucky :-)

I was told not to shave at my pre op, nor use body cream/talc/scented shower gel  for 2 days before op. If you haven't been told specifically this info at your pre op I wouldn't worry but just thought is mention it as others have said they shaved. 

Liquorice!! My top tip! The constipation a few days after was far worse than the op!

It is scary but you will be ok, you’ll get through it. I was only in 2 nights, which was really quick as I only had my op at 5pm the first night. By then I was shuffling and just about mobile and felt so much better being at home.
It does take time to recover, so make sure you are kind to yourself. I definite pushed it too far, I found myself crying 3minutes into my first walk outside of the house!
Everyone recovers differently but generally, physically, I bounced back. I was at a gig 7 weeks after the op and went back to work then as well. But listen to your own body, you will know what you can do.

Oh and refuse to let anyone in your home unless they bring cake!!

Good luck

Ali X


I have just been discharged today from hospital after a radical hysterectomy on Thursday afternoon with lymph node removal. i have read the above posts and all have really good advice. The main point is the peppermint tea. I'm not in pain around my pelvis, just slightly tender. However the wind pain in my shoulder is shocking! Big nighties are a must plus oversized loose trousers to come home in. I am naturally slim but i look about 6 months pregnant tonight! Also i was told no nail polish at all. 

I still feel totally wiped out so can't really add much more right now. Please feel free to PM me of you want to ask anything though xxx

Thank you all for all your wonderful messages x 

All packed (thanks for your tips x x x) 

And I'll see you all on the other side x 

Ali x


Hi there, 

I had a radical hysterectomy last year and an indwelling catheter for 10 days post surgery, if you have the indwelling catheter I'd recommend leggings to keep it secure so it's not so uncomfortable moving around all the time. Pepper mint tea definitely helped with the wind and gas which was really sore it was worse than the pain waking up tbh, I would suggest not to drink too much though and it did make me sick once or twice. Try to gget up and about and walking as soon as possible, if you need to cough or sneeze use a cushion pressed against your scar it's much more comfortable. It's not as bad as you will be molding up in your mind I was only in the hospital a few days and was up and about the first day. I woke up like the hulk right enough because the epidural wasn't in correctly so that actually always gives me a laugh. I've forgotten what the pain was like tbh so it cant be that bad :). Take care Charlene xx

Hope you are on the mend. I am due to have radical hysterectomy removing lymph nodes beginning of November. Its good to hear that you aren't in too much pain. I had cone biopsy last month. People told me that would be painful, I was surprised that I didn't feel any pain in my abdomen more pain in my back. The peppermint tea is brilliant suggestion I will definitely be taking some with me.  I always believe a day at a time that gets me through. I am new to this sight your post was the only one similar to myself. Everyone's case is so unique to them. 



Best regards xx



Hi there , god this is the first i have posted on this site I have had wee noisey on and of well I was diagnosed 7 weeks today with cervical cancer !!!!! Shocked is an understatement yes mayb I didn't go for smears when I should have , I went to doc and asked for one next thing tests etc Bang it's there 34 no kids and those words are there cervical cancer !!!! The consultant wo delivered the news was straight as he said to me am straight Michelle no bullshit between us , first meet when he did my coloscopy I thought cocky cunt to b blunt , well the weeks past I stayed workin tried to b normal but it was always there those words CC , had my app staged at 1b1 those number I don't think will ever leave me now lol decided on radical hysterectomy so on with my date it came june 1st !! Am 6 days post op emotions are but up left , but such a good support round me my mum been a star X , had every emotion bfore my op cleaned house top to bottom cleared wardrobe out did days out etc operation wasnt as bad as I thought drugs help lol , like the girl say on here get peppermint for wind after it can b painfull lol don't b like me drink a half tin of Coke lol they tell u u might have bladder problems if u do don't stress I did but they can good and as nurse told me it helps when u poo lol to kick bladder into the norm lol also painkillers give u constipation make sure keep eye on that . Laxatives helps , I hope all goes well for u just take deep breath think surgery is next step to climb one at a time xxxxxxxxxxxxx