Radical Trachilectomy (vaginal) with lymph node removal

Dear ladies, I have posted this in another section and then realised that there is a proper place for this topic. Could you please give any advice regarding this type of surgery: what to expect, what to take to hospital and how long it might potentially take to be able to stand on your feet and do simple things. I am very worried about the recovery time as I don't have any family left and live with my partner who works full time and might struggle to have enough time off to provide care. I took care of myself and others for so long - it is really difficult to imagine being unable to do simple things for a long period of time :( Thank you all in advance! xxxx Jelena



Oh matey,

I am afraid you are going to need some help as you are having a serious op. My op was not exactly like urs as I had a rad hysterectomy last tues. I feel very battered and bruised and am not suppose to be doing anything but rest. Others will have been through what u have though and hopefully they will be able to let you know more.

good luck

xxx dons

Hi Dons! So glad to hear from you!!! I 've started to worry a bit if everything is ok, was thinking of you all the time since 24th. Poor thing! - I hope you will start feeling better soon, my prays are with you! I will join you in suffering next week… Do you have any tips for hospital stay? I was trying to buy some baggy clothes and underwear this weekend and it was a challenge. 

Hope you are well looked after xxx

Hi matey,

the main things I found useful were-

earplugs and eye mask,

a couple of baggy cheap nightshirts

ipad with a film or two on it (I couldn't focus on reading at all!)

small bottles of water (I drank such a huge amount! These are easier to drink out of than a cup)

extra large pair of pants and a baggy summer dress for when leave- you don't want anything rubbing on belly. I'm still wearing these dresses each day and baggy night shirt at night

slippers for when having gentle post op walk around on cold floor

i took books and other things but never used them. Made sure I had plenty of change for hubby for the car park. Plus a pillow over belly for car journey home. Make sure you have lactolose the day before you go in to clear yourself out. Can't think of anything else at the mo. Was in such a daze after op with constant low blood pressure that wasn't able to do anything so didn't need anything. I took own flannel and small towel with small shower gel which used with nurse for my first wash! 

Hope this is helpful. Good luck xxx



Try asda for baggy knickers a size too big and cheap night shirts. Primark also have cheap nightshirts. Mine weren't baggy enough so make sure you get at least a size too big!! Husband had to go buy me cotton big knickers a size too big as I thought I really wouldn't need them. Oh yes you do... Xxx

Dons, Sweetie - thank you so much for all your advice!!! I really do hope you will start feeling better soon xxxxx Please let us know how it goes xxxx

Hello :slight_smile:
I had a Trachelectomy and lymph node removal also done vaginally and key hole… On 10th July this year. I was in hospital for 5 days altogether, the extra day was due to me not agreeing with the GA!
Once home I felt much better and probably needed some help for the first week or so but after that I was ok! I had 6 weeks off work altogether then went back for the first 2 part time. But now I’m back to it!
I feel almost normal again now :slight_smile: occasional swelling if I do too much, but I saw my consultant and he said this is normal! I can start exercising again next week! :slight_smile:

I hope this helps and it’s so great you’ve been offered this op! … If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me!!

Take care :slight_smile: xx

Hi EmJess:)

Thank you so much for replying! This sounds very positive and gives hope! I do hope you will feel normal soon and will start enjoying life to full again J My consultant suggested that they will keep me in hospital only for couple of days and this worries me a bit.

I have few questions if it is ok. When did you start walking and when were you able to go to the bathroom yourself. Also what would you recommend taking with me to the hospital?


That’s ok! Happy to help :slight_smile:

I think my problem is I feel normal and go wild then suffer the consequences after :wink: need to behave abit!
I was up walking 2 days after my surgery … It should of been the day after but I was under for 7 hours and it really knocked me about… That day I didn’t need to goto the bathroom as I had a catheter fitted and they removed it the day after that when they were sure I could move about myself, I had no problems… Just had to shuffle more than walk! :slight_smile: but I soon got my stride back. The more you can walk about the better.

As for what to take into hospital…

  • 2 nighties… Don’t want to be struggling with PJ’s and a catheter!
  • a couple of pairs of pants a size bigger than you are
  • dressing gown and slippers
  • loose clothes to go home in
  • shower gel, shampoo, conditioner
  • facewipes
  • hairbobbles, grips, hairbrush!
  • towel, they did have them but I prefered mine!
  • peppermint tea - it helps with the wind!

I took my iPad also with a couple of films on, the tv was £8 a day!!

I hope this helps? When is your op scheduled for? xx

Hi EmJess, thank you so much again xxxx This sounds very good  - thank you for giving me hope xxxx seems that I need to do  some more shopping this weekend. My operation is planned for next Tuesday 8th of October.  Walking is my favourite thing so hopefully will start moving soon enough J Take care Dear xxx

Jelena xxxx