Some advice please! 2 issues at once


Hi  all,


So I am still awaiting my follow up consult from my cone biopsy that was done 1 week ago. I did get the report from the surgery and from what I could decipher the margins were clear. The surgeon took 2 ‘cuts’ one 2x2.5cms and the other 2.2x1cms. I was a little bit confused why they would take 2 cuts, does anyone know if this is normal?


I originally went to the GP because I was having extreme pain in my stomach to the right of my belly button and in my right lower back. I actually thought I had a UTI but now things have unfolded and I have had a cone biopsy under GA for CIN3/CIS and an endoscopy biopsy under sedation 5 days later. It turns out I have serious digestion issues where food is being stuck undigested in my stomach and small intestine, several hernias, an inflamed urethra & stomach and a mild hiatus hernia…. But what scared me the most from what the doctor said was that these are the symptom but the cause is what we need to find out.


I feel like this is all too coincidental to be happening at the same time but can’t seem to find out if CC and gastro issues can be related.


My husband keeps saying to me I need to get off the sofa and go for a long walk to help digest the food better. But I was told not to exercise for 6 weeks with the cone biopsy? Is walking okay?


Sorry I know this forum isn’t for gastro issues but just feel very lost and confused. Literally I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Hi babar,  

Sorry to hear you have so much going on at once. I can only pass on information related to the cone biopsy. My consultant encouraged me to get out even for a 15/20min walk a day when I felt I could. For me this was about a week after and I built up from there. Things like lifting and going upstairs  quickly that I needed to be careful of. I also didn't drive for a couple of weeks. 

Best wishes, 


Thanks so much Michelle86. I ended up biting the bullet and went for a 15 minute walk. Felt fine but a little "tender" after I guess. Glad to see your response that it's a normal span of time I've left it. I'm so happy to read that you got the all clear. I hate to complain when others are going through much worse, so your time to respond means a lot. X



That is great news. As I said I was advised to build it up gradually from there. I know what you mean, I feel the same. I feel lucky to be caught early and be in full health and not needing medication. I'm glad I could give you some reassurance.

Best of luck with the rest of your recovery,