Cone biopsy under GE and feeling nauseous still on day 5

Just need some advice really .
I had a general anaesthetic Tuesday 18 April for a cone biopsy after finding cancerous and cin3 cells after loop and biopsy 15 Feb. I was sick tues weds and Thursday night and remain feeling nauseous mainly at night and have a sort of burning sensation in my stomach - not sure if this is related to the procedure or the GE or if it’s something else so has anyone else had this?
Also I’ve been told my results are being fast tracked 2-3 weeks which seems so long but they’ve given me a 6 week appointment with the consultant gynaecologist is this normal to ? And do they call you with the results or do I have to wait for the appointment .
Any help appreciated


I was sick after my GA when I got my cone and trachelectomy. Did they say you were under GA for longer than normal? JUst wondering as effects would then maybe be worse. 

If you keep feeling sick I would go back and tell them or your gp. I was very sick after my trach and had to get an anti sickness injection. 

Not sure about waiting time as they told me after cone I would need further treatment.