Anybody else had a knife cone biopsy?

As the title suggests! I can't seem to find many topics on here about it but I'm sure there are people who have. I had it done 5 days ago under GA and I just really want to hear other peoples experiences. The first 3 days I didn't really have any pain or bleeding at all but today I'm bleeding quite a lot, I'm not sure what's normal and what isn't because I really didn't receive any sort of after-care information, other than 'Don't have sex for 4 weeks' 

Any peoples experiences would be hugely appreciated!


I havent had a cone so cant really speak from experience but as I may be having one soon I have been reading around, it seems that a bit of a delay before bleeding starts is not that uncommon. If you are worried though I would phone the clinic for advice. How are you doing today, hope you are feeling a little better.