Biopsy x2

Hi everyone,
I had 2 biopsys taken yesterday at my colposcopy and the Dr said it’s likely to be CIN 2. The procedure itself was quite painful but afterwards I felt fine. I took it easy for the rest of the day but took my dog out for a 15 minute slow pace walk about 8pm, by which I had instantly started with some period pain type cramp. Didn’t think much of it as that was to be expected.
However about an hour after I had gone to bed I was woken up with the most horrendous abdominal pain and cramping which was sharp and throbbing and spreading into my lower back. I was awake the entire night with it, pain relief didn’t work and I just didn’t know what to do with myself, I couldn’t get even remotely comfortable. I had to phone In sick from work today due to the pain, it’s still bad now. And also due to being full of cold! I have a very active and heavy Job where I am on my feet the whole day for 12 hours often with very little time to have full breaks I just couldn’t bear the thought of that with this pain.

I haven’t had much bleeding, and I’ve just started in the night with some discharge. I am used to bad period pains but this pain is just far more severe. Is this normal?
I’m thinking of contacting my nurse as I’m worried about infection but wondering if it’s too soon.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Thank you!

If it doesn't subside soon I would call the nurse. I would think feeling weird and tender down there would be normal and maybe slight cramping, but nothing like your experiencing. I would definitely try to give them a call. 

Gosh, with pain that severe I would definitely get back into the clinic. And maybe think about taking tomorrow off work too! I went for a walk mile slow walk 4 days after biopsy.... and left my self with cramping but nothing like you have described. Hope you feel better soon xxx


I would definitely call them. I had biopsys taken and didn't have that level of pain as you are describing. Hope they can give you some answers and that you feel better soon x