So worried :-(

I recently paid for a private smear test because of bleeding after sex. I had one laSt aug which came back normal but this time it's come back as borderline changes and hPC positive- I now have to have a colposcopy. im worried sick I have cancer :-( would the results be different if it was more sinister? 

It's my understanding that borderline changes is cin1 which will usually be left to go away on its own and is not cancer. The colposcopy is just to confirm this and is very similar to a smear so you've nothing to worry about :). Good luck with it, the nurses are lovely and will be happy to answer any questions you have xxxx

Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. I really hope that will be the case it's just the symptoms ive been having which is makimg me worry it's something much worse ;-( if it was anything worse wouldy results be different? Xxx

It's a bit of a difficult one to answer cause everyones case is different but CIN is abnormal cells that over a long period of time have a very small chance of developing in to early cervical cancer if not treated. There's 3 stages that CIN will progress through before they can become cancerous, referred to as CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3 (my gynae told me research shows this to take about 6-8 years to progress). Borderline is CIN1, moderate dyskaryosis is CIN2 and severe dyskaryosis is CIN3. All 3 results are easily treated and are not cancer. I understand the symptoms you're experiencing are making you more concerned and that's completely normal, just take things a step at the time and try not to overthink (easier said than done i know). I found doing a bit of research before my colposcopy really helped me prepare and understand the terms that they used so i didn't panic at the sound of a word i didn't understand. This website is really good at explaining what the results mean

Sorry that you're having a tough time :(. I hope i've explained things ok, i'm still learning about it all too, i didn't even know what a cervix did before all this! Remember you're in good hands and we're all here and we all understand what you're going through so keep posting. You could also try ringing your GP to get her to go through the results with you over the phone which might help to put your mind at ease. 

Big hugs and let us know how you get on xxx