2nd abnormal smear - what next

Had first smear about 5 years after I should have - bad I know!

Came back with high grade hpv and borderline changes. Had colposcopy, consultant said I looked fine visually and to wait for biopsy. Biopsy detected c1n1 which he said to come back in 6 months for repeat smear. Just had results from that. Wording has changed from borderline to dyskaryosis? Does this mean the same thing? Other than that the wording seems exactly the same. Hpv positive low grade have colposcopy.


Since my last colposcopy my periods got REALLY heavy. I'm now having to take ibuprofen for first 3 days which seems to help and although not painful as such, sex does leave me feeling sore. The nurse didn't seem bothered since my period is regular, suggested I had made up the quantity increase and said the sex part isn't an issue if I'm not bleeding. 


I'm just concerned that having repeat colposcopys is causing more harm than good. 


I'm hoping it will just come back saying  the same thing as last time but if it does I'm reluctant to go for another smear in another 6 months. 


I feel like I have no information at all and no one really knows what happens next. I read someone in a forum saying she had c1n1 and felt in limbo. 

I havent had kids yet and it's got me terrified thinking A - I'm going to get cancer, B - do I already HAVE cancer, C - we won't be able to have kids! 


Can anyone give me some advice or relate at all?

hi yes dyskarosis is another name for cin this doesn't necessarily and highly unlikely to be cancer. Its pre cancer! Cin1 is mild and doesn't usually need treatment just repeat smear in 6 months and it shouldn't affect u having kids at all if ur worried talk to ur doctor or gyne hope this helps

Sept borderline changes with hpv

Oct colposcopy with 3 punch biopsies

Oct results cin3

Oct lletz under local anesthetic awaiting results



I just worry that now that's it every 6 months I'm gonna have this till it gets worse?!? 


If the smear says c1n1 is it likely the colposcopy will say the same? I don't really understand the difference. I tend to switch off as soon as anything bad is mentioned it. All I know is I'm dreading it! It hurt last time

Hi hon

cin1 often goes away on its own, but obviously it also could progress to moderate or severe dyskariosis (cin2 or 3) that is why you have been asked to go back. They are preventing you from getting cancer! The colposcopies are unpleasant  and could live without biopsies, but you will catch any problems before they get bad, and be able to have a small amount of treatment and be ok again.

Itll be worth it!

Molly xx

They are keeping a close eye on it in case it changes from CIN1 to something worse. CIN1 if mild dyskarosis, CIN2 is moderate, and CIN3 is severe.

CIN1 can get better on its own, so they will check to see if it has cleared up. If it hasn't cleared up or gets worse, they may give you a treatment such as LLETZ.

Its definitely worth going every 6 months. Certainly not the nicest thing to have to do, but it would save your life. The changes can happen very slowly or very fast, if you don't keep going for your appointments, you're taking a risk. If you stay the same for a certain amount of time, they may switch you to yearly appointments.