So relieved!

Hi, I posted a while ago so scared and petrified not being able to eat or sleep! After receiving my smear result as hpv positive and high grade changes, I went for my colposcopy and they did a biopsy and treatment there and then as I was in a state ? 

the lletz was no where near as bad as I had imagined in the head and it was over so quick!

finally had the letter back with the results as CIN3 and nothing more! Feeling relieved is an understatement I had convinced myself I would have cancer, just got to go back for a smear in 6 months now. 

Wish you all the best ?

This is such good news. Fingers crossed for straight forward smears from now on :) 

That's great to hear !! It's always so good to hear a positive outcome and I think it's important for people to read those when they are anxious and waiting as your mind just goes into overdrive ! 

I have just received the results of my biopsy as CIN2 and I am booked in to discuss if I want treatment ( I do ) so will be having that at the same time - I was so scared waiting , I actually feel like I have a different outlook on life now I'm not worried about treatment I'm just so relieved and it's made me more aware of just how lucky I am and determined to just appreciate everything and take care of myself ! 

So happy for you xx 

Thank you! So happy for you that yours came back as CIN2! 
I too think it's good for people to read positive outcomes while waiting as I was such a mess waiting for mine felt like my life was on hold.

yes I totally get that about wanting to take care of yourself now and enjoy everything it's really made me appreciate everything, I'm so grateful it was caught and treated when it was.

definatly don't be nervous for the treatment it will be fine ?



Wonderful news! I'm so pleased for you. Thank you for posting. 

Since joining the forum back in January when my own journey began, it's been wonderful to see that everyone who started their own journeys at a similar time have all had their results coming back with no further treatment required and test of cure smear in 6 months time. 


When I first started searching the forum, it felt like barely anyone came back and updated, but I feel like I see a new and wonderful news result at least once a day now. Which is just fabulous. 


I really hope that new people to the forum will feel so uplifted by posts like this one ? xx

Hi, This is my first post, I'm very very scared at the moment. I received the results of my smear test on Friday, and have been crying ever since. I have HPV and low-grade dyskaryosis. I probably shouldn't have but I've been googling loads and am utterly confused and don't know what to do. I'm being referred for a colposcopy, which I guess must be the right next stage. I'm extremely anxious though that there will be a very long wait, during which time I could develop cancer. I would appreciate any advice.

Oh Angel :(

I completely empathise with you, getting the news that you have changes is just awful. Especially when it comes via letter & blindsides you! I think that's probably why we get ourselves so riled up about it, because usually there's no warning of a bad result

ANYWAY, I assure you low grade Dyskaryosis is not a bad result by any stretch of the imagination. In regards to cell changes - it's the best result to have! They will likely see you at the Colposcopy & take a look just because you are HPV+ 

From what i've read they'll most likely take a 'watch & wait' approach if the Doctor believes the changes are indeed low grade or they may take a small biopsy just to confirm this


Low grade Dyskaryosis is NOT cancer. Please don't panic. My smear test results came back as High Grade (Severe) Dyskaryosis & HPV+. I had my lletz treatment & the results came back as only CIN1! Which is actually equivalent to low grade changes. Remember that most of what you read on the internet is like minded worriers (like me) and it's not a bad thing that we seek support! But the stuff you read is disproportionate to how many women actually go through this & how many actually end up totally ok

Try not to stress over it, I made myself so ill with worry. Just keep yourself occupied, there's nothing you can do to change it right now. Positive pants on, you'll be totally ok! Xx