So angry

Ohh… I am so angry!

I know before I even type this that everyone is going to say ‘the longer you wait the better the news’ but frankly I am struggling to believe this now.

I was due to have my results back by October 14th… 10 days after my Lletz. They cancelled this because the consultant opted to carry out private surgery instead.
My new appointment was scheduled for tomorrow.

I have spoken the the secretary loads of times and she has told me that I am on a two week urgent pathway… But they still aren’t back because of the back log. The slides were only issued mid October and they have showed as typed since the 25th, but no consultant in histology has signed them off, so the gynaecology dept haven’t received them.
I called today to check on my appt and the secretary informed me that they weren’t back but she was chasing them and would call me by the end of the day. At 4 she called and said that they weren’t back but they almost definite,y would be by this tomorrow morning so did I want to reschedule or keep appointment open and confirm on the morning. I opted for the latter. She called again at 6 and said my appt was definitely cancelled as the samples needed to go for further testing.

So either… They have had these results since October 25th and not noticed they have screwed up the results which is unacceptable… Or my consultant has seen them and sent the. Back for more which is worrying.

I am so angry. I have bearly slept since I had the op on the 4th October.

Oh you must be so anxious  :(

I can't really help much since I'm also waiting for results myself, but wanted to send a hug  xx

Can I join you on feeling a little annoyed waiting for results.  I had my lletz done oct 20th and was told my biopsy was marked urgent and I would have them back after 7-10 days,  day 7 they weren't back, I rang day 13 and spoke to the receptionist who was little to no help at all.  Just said I would be better waiting the full 4 weeks for the letter.  I told her i wasn't getting a letter that I was getting a phone call as this is what they told me in my appointment.  (Nurse told me ignore the 4/6 weeks on the advice form as I would be getting a call).  Anyway she said let me check your notes to see if the letter has been typed, no letter has been typed, you'd be better off waiting the full 4 weeks for your letter.   I felt like I'd just had a conversation with myself and I would have been better off talking to the brick wall.    Fingers crossed you get answers soon.  

Thank you. I have been told quite categorically that I won't get results back by phone or letter. It has to be by appointment.


good luck to you both too.