smear test will be 6mts overdue

my yearly smear test was due in April as gp have trouble doing it im reffered to coloscopy clinic, due to a mix up i had to wait till today for appointment went there and the doctor tried to do smear but couldnt do it so asked the consultant to try he had a look but had no luck either said my cervix is closed and will need some ostrgen cream to soften it and to come back in 8wks to try again but  im away on holiday so he said to come back after my hols which will make it 18mths altogether since my last one is it safe to wait that long ,my last 2 smears were normal

Hi Flowers,

I'm sorry to hear you've had to wait so long for your check-up smear! However, I wouldn't be too worried about it being so overdue. Your doctors at the Colposcopy clinic seem on the ball so I'm sure they'd find a way to get you back in sooner if it was necessary :) It's also really good that your last two smears were clear :) To set your mind at ease you could always call the clinic and ask if they can get a doctor or a nurse to call you back just to reassure you :) x x x

thanks for reply hun,,im just being paronoid when i said it was along time to wait the junior dr said have a good holiday ive got nothing to worry about and  consultent said you wont come to any harm ,so when they do the smear they can obviously see the cervix and any abnormalities i just hope they manage to do it when i go next ,,im just a big worrier ,xx