Smear Test

Hello i have a smear test booked on weds which im worried about as i should have had one a year ago but i lost my letter and forgot all about it and then i rebooked on march then covid hit us all. Ive finally rebooked it but im worried ive left it a long time and im worried about not relaxing cos im thinking about things that could be wrong. I havent noticed any inbetween bleeding or funny discharge. Occasionally my back aches in bed but i think thats to do with how im laying more than symptoms of cervical cancer but i am really worried i just want to get it done so i can find out if all ok hopefully before xmas


Being a year overdue for a smear isn't ideal but it's very far from terrible.  It sounds like your main problem is a big dose of guilt for forgetting to book your smear earlier.  Statistically you are very unlikely to have any cervical cell abnormalities and IF you do they are unlikely to be very different to what they were a year ago - generally cervical cell abnormalities progress very slowly.

The important thing is that you booked your test - so very well done for that - hopefully your smear has been done now?  Try and take things a step at a time; I found a good way to cope with waiting for appointments/results is to keep busy.


All done got the smear done today but hurt as i tensed up nurse was good and it was over in minutes. I feel like my guilt has gone for delaying and i can rest a little easier now. Just got to wait for my results hopefully all will be well but your message helps thanks

Got my test results back today and they were clear just need to be more careful with the letter they send to invite you to the next one so pleased all is well:)

Glad to hear your good news.

Suggest that as soon as the screening invitation drops through the letterbox it's out with the diary.  And never get complacent - NO excuses; I kept up to date with my smears throughout my 20s 30s and 40s - and then........see my back story.  I started to find smear tests very painful as I approached the menopause so I simply stopped going for them - sounds ridiculous now but it didn't occur to me to ask for help and unfortunately no one at my GP surgery made any effort to discover why I suddenly stopped.

Take care


Happy that it was all clear for you. Don't leave it so long next time ;)