Journey so far..



So thought and advice welcome!!


Had my smear test on the 4th March. I got a letter through on the 19th March saying I had an abnormal smear and was booked in for a colposcopy on the 23rd. They found that I had a large high grade area that needed to be removed under GA and that they were going to send it thorough as urgent and expect a letter shorty. I got my letter today saying that I am booked in for the 12th May now to me that doesn't sound urgent?! I was expecting to be going next week sometime. 

Going to ring them on Monday anyway to express my concerns. 

Not sure what to think? Surely it can't be that urgent if I am waiting 6 weeks?


Emma x

No it can't be that urgent. However horrible the wait will be that's good news!!! If they were really concerned you'd be in before you knew it. X

That's what I thought by why put it through as urgent?! Maybe that's is classed as urgent... uf it is I dread to think how long is be waiting if it was routine!

emma x

Im currently waiting for a 'routine' colp and being told that i can expect to be called in 7-8 MONTHS!!  Id much rather just know whats going on with my body and get whatever is causing it out of there!!

My thoughts are with you!

Oh no poor you! That's really unfair to expect someone to wait that long! Not good for your emotional health. I hope you don't have to wait that long. My appointment must be classes as urgent then if that's the standard waiting time. Maybe see If they can bring it forward? Say it's causing you lots of anxiety as I thought 6 weeks was bad enough!

Emma x

My story is exactly the same as yours, although I was booked I then and there for the next available appointment which was 4 WEEKS!! They’ve told me nothing really and said that they won’t know how much they will take or what the outcome will be unto its done. I know its easier said than done, but try not to worry. I have mine on Wednesday so will report back afterwards.

Thank you. It's stressful isn't it especially since you don't know what it is exactly you're dealing with. It's all new to me, so much has happened in a month it's just feels unreal. 

Good luck on Wednesday 

Emma x

Ive been fighting to bring it forward but i feel like noone listens... i asked my doctor about testing for a bacterial infection before my abnormal smear result and i was fobbed off then with other suggestions for my issues.... 6 weeks later, i finally got the BV test and it came up positive!

I booked a private consultation for next week... if i decide to go ahead with it, i will have my colposcopy the following week and should have results within 3 days of it... and as much as I dont feel like I should have to pay out so much, the idea of knowing what is going on in a matter of weeks rather than months is VERY appealing!

Sorry for hijacking your thread here... its just reassuring to have others to wait with!!

Hope all goes well for both of you girls x

Hi Emma.  I was diagnosed with CIN3 towards the end of october.  I was told my LLETZ procedure under GA would go through as an urgent appointment.  I was told at the colposcopy appointment that I would have the procedure carried out before christmas.  I had to wait nearly 2 months for my urgent appointment and got my operation on the 9th january.  the consultant was happy with how it all went and I have been keeping well since.   Hope this might put your mind at ease a bit :)

Hi Caroline :)

thanks so much for your post! I was struggling to find ladies that have been in a similar position to me so thank you for your kind words. I am very glad that you're still keeping well. How long did it take for your results to come back?

i am feeling a little more calm and relaxed and just trying to plod on until the 12th May!

Emma x

I didnt actually get any results back emma.  I was told by the doctor that i would only hear something back if anything showed up in the biopsy.  So i wasnt called which is a good thing.  Im due my followup  appointment the beginning of june as it will be 6 months since my LLETZ procedure.   Im a bit anxious about it when i start thinking about it but to be honest i dont really think about it too much.  I know i will be more on my mind closer to the time but fingers crossed my next coloscopy results will come back normal.  If you need any more advice or support just ask.  Its only when you go through something like this that you know what its like. 


caroline xx


Thanks Caroline. You've been a great help and good luck for your follow up. 

Happy Easter!

Emma x