Smear test was normal, colposcopy shows abnormal cells


I hope you are all well.

I am hoping to find some advice or someone who was/is in similar situation. I am not sure what to expect and it is stressing me out.

I had smear test in 2021 - everything was reported as normal, apart from a lot of blood in the sample. I went for a private smear test in May 2023 due to symptoms and advised by my GP that NHS will refuse another smear test in such a short time. Smear test results were all reported back as normal, but mentioned lots of leukocytes.

I had a symptoms such as post intercourse bleeding, abdominal pain, lots of discharge. During TV scan was told I have cervical ectropion. I asked my GP for the referral as I would like to have ectropion removed, my GP did not want to give me referral at first, but after me being persistent I was referred. I received a letter about colposcopy appointment and attended that.
During the colposcopy there was a bleeding from ectropion as well as I was told there are areas that looks abnormal and had biopsy done.

Was anyone in similar situation?

Thank you for all the advice, I am really stressing.

Hi natpiwonska
Try not to worry too much until you know what’s going on (I know that’s easier said than done)

I too had a large florid ectropion (I believe this due to taking the pill for so long 20+ years in my case, it isn’t anything to worry about) which had contact bleeding during my colposcopy my dr also thought it also showed features of cgin. But I have received my lletz biopsy results and they were all normal results. I’m still awaiting what to do next from the mdt meeting but this is due to my 2022 smear showing endocervical glandular neoplasia.

Have you had your results back yet/ how long have you been waiting? Hopefully won’t be too much longer x

Thank you. Hope everything will go well for you!

I attended colposcopy this Saturday, doctor told me the results should arrive within 4 weeks. He also told me that “it does not like anything very serious, but they have to biopsy it just to be safe”. I have been on contraception pills for 14 years now. I went for colposcopy without any stress as I thought my smear tests were fine, so I was 100% sure nothing will be find during colposcopy. I have seen on the screen that there was areas turning white after solution. Doctor also put silver on the bleeding area, which I am now having brown/reddish discharge and sometimes it looks like there is some of there silver there, which is strange.

The more I read, the more worried I am about results.

Thank you, Hopefully you won’t have long to wait, my results last year and this were just over 2 weeks for biopsy results I’m in Yorkshire. I’m glad you put your foot down and got the referral. I can’t comment on the silver thing as I haven’t experienced that but I know from lletz and punch biopsy I had bleeding afterwards it should clear up soon. Sounds reassuring that the dr said that but if there is anything abnormal atleast it’s been found now and can be sorted, your on the right track. Try not to dwell on all the bad stories on here as many will only turn to here to write their bad experiences for help but I’m sure there’s hundreds of good outcomes. I think it is beneficial to read up on official things there’s government guidelines for smears and biopsy’s treatments etc these are a good read as they explain what should happen next or if it doesn’t you can question it. The waiting is the worst part but hopefully won’t be long x

Thank you.

I actually went to speak to nurses today and was told results are not back yet, but she could see doctor’s report and it says CIN I changes. Hopefully biopsy will confirm that.

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Hi try not to worry, easier said than done, but you pushed and got your referral that’s the main thing.
I had the silver nitrate and what you’ve described is normal, just watch out for and pain backache etc, I ended up with an infection from my biopsy as they took four and I had the little black bits for I think around four weeks.
Keep yourself busy while the results come through. And stay positive! Whatever happens it’s all doable.
It’s true you get the horror stories if you look for them, as the all clear ladies don’t always come back on and post about this part of their life.
Take care x