colposcopy results

I'm thoroughly bemused by my colposcopy and the whole process behind it and would be very grateful if anyone could shed some light!


I've been having abnormal bleeding post sex for well over a year now, first went to the doctors about it in October 2013, was told it was nothing to worry about. Kept happening on and off and I finally went back to the docs in June 2014 to demand investigation. I had a smear (plus all the usual) and everything came back negative. 


I was diagnosed with cervical ectropion by my GP and sent for a colposcopy to get it treated. However during my colposcopy they did a punch biopsy which completely threw me, as I thought that as my smear test was negative I had nothing to worry about. Anyway, they said if the biopsy was clear then we could start DISCUSSING treatments for my cervical ectropion (I thought I'd be treated there and then!)

Anyway, over 6 weeks since my biopsy and being told to 'just wait' by my GP for the results I cracked and phoned the coloposcopy clinic who told me that my biopsy had detected abnormalities and I would be called in for a repeat smear in november. The lady on the phone was a receptionist and didn't even realise I'd been for a biopsy at first, clearly didn't have any information (or care) about my medical history, and I didnt even know what questions to ask.

Now I am panicking. What does abnormalities mean? Why do I have to go back for a smear rather than another biopsy when my smear was clear and it was the biopsy that showed results - and I only went for a colposcopy due to my cervical ectropion, not due to the smear!


No-one has even mentioned the ectropion but now I'm sat here thinking.... have I just been told I might be on the way to having cancer? Why has no-one explained anything to me? What can I do to get some answers? And what even are my questions?! I'm so confused and really struggling :(

Hey Hun, sounds to me like they've followed normal procedure by sending you to a colposcopy for your ecroption, whilst you were there you would have noticed they used solutions on ur cervix to highlight any abnormalities. Such as CIN 1 maybe, which by them taking the biopsy confirms whether you are hpv positive or negative. They've noticed 1 of 2 things to say that they want you bk in 3 months for another smear, and that's either CIN 1 which they do not treat (they watch and wait as it can clear itself) or they have tested you for hpv and it's positive. Your letter will have your answer. But by the fact they have let you go home with no treatment and to come back in 3 months 99.9% means you do not have cancer, you are far far from it even if you had CIN 1 and hpv positive. They would just monitor you every 6months - 1year. Call your gp and ask for your results to be posted to you as they should have them by now. An insight to if they suspect cancer, you would have had treatment there and then or latest when they got your biopsy results through, MRI and scan all within a week of the results. So 3 month wait is good news. As for the ecroption I'm not too sure xxx

thanks so much, you've really reassured me. I think the word 'abnormalities' in relation to a biopsy just scared the living daylights out of me! I'll wait and see what it says in my letter :) thank you again

I've just been told I have CIN level 2 changes but they aren't going to treat me and just want to see me again in November/December? They said as I am young they won't treat me yet, but looking on here and google it seems like the advice is to get treated! Shall I push for this?


I think I would ask them why they have made that decision, just to put your mind at rest. Reading about it, cin2 would usually require a lletz. However, maybe they are giving it chance to reduce on its own, as apparently that can happen with lower grade abnormalities. Also I don't think much changes in 6 months, so maybe they are hoping you wont need the treatment?

ask, but don't rush if there's a chance you won't need treatment!

good luck, Molly xx