Colposcopy without a smear

I'm new to this forum and have been reading a lot of messages trying to find someone who has had a similar experience to mine. I am absolutely losing my mind out of panic at the moment and so could really do with some advice. 

For the past few months I have been experiencing some irregular bleeding- some post-intercourse and some not. I went to my GP who gave me an examination and referred me to the GUM clinic to get checked for STDs. I was tested and examined again and all tests came back negative. At this stage I also changed my pill which I have now been on for over two weeks. During this time I haven't experienced any bleeding. On the weekend I went back to the GUM clinic as I wasn't happy on this pill and the nurse mentioned that the previous nurse thought I had cervical ectropion (news to me!). She went to fetch a Doctor who happened to be the specialist at the clinic who examined me and confirmed that it was cerval ectropion, however gave me a colposopy at the same time. I had a biopsy and was told to come back in to see the Dr in two weeks time to discuss my results. 


During this time I felt that the doctor and nurse weren't really explaining anything to me and so I did the obvious thing and went to google, which was obviously a huge mistake as I have convinced myself that I have CC. This is mainly down to having the biopsy done (clearly there were abnormalities) and the fact that I am getting the results in person in two weeks (it seems that this usually takes longer and is by a letter). 


I'm thinking the worse and cannot concentrate on anything. I'm constantly worried and I can't stay like this for the next two weeks. As I haven't yet had a smear I have no idea whether there is anything there in the first place. I would really appreciate some advice. 


Thanks :) 

hi there, sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Try and stay positive! I know it's easy to say.

My story started off differently to yours but my biopsies got sent off as urgent, they made me an appointment 12 days later to return to the hospital, and my results weren't cancer, just pre cancerous cells. Try not to worry yourself silly as it may not be as bad as you think x


Hi Elanor24,


I wouldn't worry too much about not having the pap smear first. If he had done a pap smear first before the colposcopy and biopsy than it would have actually slowed everything down more. The pap smear is essentially a more basic type of cervical biopsy that tests for changes caused by HPV. You can only assume that the doctor did the biopsy as he saw abnormalities on the cervix when he did the colposcopy or that he is doing as a precaution because of the symptoms you are having, which I feel less likely than the prior.


I had abnormal bleeding and went for a pap smear about 18months ago and the doctor said it was from cervical erosion most likely from being on the pill for so long. The smear came back fine. I also have looked into it and there is no scientific link between erosion and cervical cell abnormalities.


The most important thing is that you are in the process now and hopefully will get answers soon as to what is going on. As for the two week return appointment I have decided doctors don’t realise how things like that could come across to patients! I am in a different country so obviously a different system, but when the doctor did the colposcopy before she even performed the biopsy she said she needed to see me in 2 days as soon as the results were in. I also like you assumed the worst! But no CC was found. I know two weeks seems like forever but try and find something to relax your emotions and take your mind off of everything. Also try not to google and just stick to the great support network of Jo’s.  I have banned myself now and happy I did it as I am also in the waiting game!


Really I hope that this helps. Also my doctor was very closed off and didn’t even speak with me when she did the colposcopy and biopsy but I wrote a huge list of questions I had for the follow up appointment which eased a lot of my concerns.