my colposcopy

Hi all,  

This is my first post here. Briefly, I went to my gp last month as I was getting some bleeding after Sex.  She examined me and told me my cervix was ulcerated And she would refer me for colposcopy.  I was shocked when I had a call from the hospital the next day telling me to come in urgently.  I had my colposcopy, which I found quite distressing.  During it the doctor took several biopsies which I knew meant he'd seen abnormal cells.  Nothing much else was explained to me and as I was quite upset after I didn't think to ask. This was two weeks ago and I've not had any results yet. Does this probably mean I'm ok? I'm guessing if it was something serious they'd have rang me by now? I had a letter lastweek saying they found a large entropion surrounded by MetaplasiA and they are awaiting the biopsy results.  I Google Metaplasia (bad I know!) and it seems to suggest normal cell changes that aren't cancerous.  

Has anybody else had there colposcopy and had this? The waiting is driving me nuts. The letter said if there was no CIN then I would have cryocautery.  Anybody ever had this? I'm so scared of any further treatment as I find it so invasive and distressing.  How long did you have to wait for your results? I'm just to nervous knowing that whatever the results I need to go back for treatment :-( 

Thanks in advance for any responses :-) 



Hello sweetheart :-)

Well that does all sound like a rather nasty and frightening experience. You poor thing! If I were in your shoes I would be taking great comfort from the words 'ectropion' and 'metaplasia' because as you say, they are not cancerous, and I would be most surprised if you had several things going on up there all of which caused post-coital bleeding. 

I think this woman has had the cryo-wotsit treatment, I think she is in the USA.

Be lucky


Hi tivoli,   thanks for your reply. still not had my results back yet but as you say I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.  I'm just dreading going back! Thanks again :-)