Smear test results, help

I received my results this morning, I am HPV positive and changes have been detected. I am still a bit shocked and overwhelmed thinking all sorts in my mind. Does anyone know how long it will take for me to get my colposcopy letter? It said up to 8 weeks, that seems a long time :frowning: thanks in advance


I had a letter for my colposcopy the day after i received my smear results. My colposcopy was 2 weeks later and i am now waiting for the results.

try not to worry, the colposcopy isn’t that bad and they will explain everything. I have been referred 3 times for abnormal smears and not have not required treatment yet.

always remember smear and colposcopy is there to prevent cervical cancer as well as spot it, stick to your appointments that’s what matters.


Thank you for your response, that is reassuring, I try to avoid the internet and googling things. I have always attended regular smears and this is the first one to come back irregular so naturally I was taken a back but I will try to remain calm and positive and hopefully get my letter soon.

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Thank you for this… I just got a call from the doctor on this as well and told if I haven’t heard by the 31st October to call them back.

I have just looked at my online medical records and I have mild dyskaryosis caused by HPV virous.

This will be my second colposcopy… my first one was 20 years ago.

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Hope you hear back soon, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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I got home from work around 6pm found the letter from the hospital and been crying since then. Totally overwhelmed with emotion. My smear test was 7 weeks ago I had totally forgotten it even happened.
Keep thinking this is my fault because HPV is sexually transmitted. Maybe if I’d had fewer partners I wouldn’t be in this situation.
Hoping my appointment letter arrives soon and there isn’t too long a wait.
What area are you in? Im north west, Cheshire west and Chester. Loves and hugs xx


Me too, it’s a lot to digest. But don’t blame yourself it’s not anyone’s fault, I’m in Scotland x

Don’t blame yourself… you can get HPV for many reasons… it could have even been from the first time.

I have my colcoscopy next Tuesday and then a funeral Thursday… !

Big hugs xx

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I have my colposcopy appointment on 14th so hoping all goes well


Please don’t think your sexual history has anything to do with your HPV, my CNS told me you don’t have to be sexually active to have it!!
Don’t beat yourself up about your past, (I too did this originally) but it’s not your fault!! Please remember that.
Hope all is ok

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