Smear test done.. awaiting on colposcopy!

Hi.. I recently had my smear test done and results come back that I had abnormal cells and I am HPV positive. 

I have been tearful all evening from reading my results letter. I have been referred to have a colposcopy appointment which I’m dreading. 

I have already been diagnosed with a heart condition so this I think is just the icing on the cake.


Any words of wisdom would be really benefical right now as I am feeling so low :-( x

I’m in the same situation, although not with the heart condition (sorry to hear you’re going through that also). I don’t have much to offer you other than to let you know I am also waiting to have the colposcopy done. We can be a support to each other, my friend. 

Hi, I am also in the boat!!! received my letter today confirming abnormal results and HPV, they have said that I will receive a letter invitino me for a colposcopy. It has been a horrible day I have been so worried but hubby is positive. It's nice to know I'm not the only one going through this x

Thanks for the replies ladies! 

I have my colposcopy booked for this Thursday so just waiting for that now. 


I forgot to mention, a few years ago I was getting quite a lot of abnormal bleeding etc after sex. Went to the GP and done tests, turnt out I had abnormal cells on my cervix and uterus. I had key hole surgery to remove the cells on the outside of my cervix and also treatment to remove the one inside.

just wondered.. does abnormal cells reoccur like this? As they were sure they had cleared it up..? Xx