Slight abnormal cells HPV positive


I have just recieved my results from my first smear test. The letter said I had slightly abno cells but also tested positive for HPV and referred for a colposcopy 

I am absolutely past myself and now thinking I'm going to get genital warts etc. I have to wait until September for my appointment and just want to know what the link is or if I should be taking any treatment etc. 


If anyone could give me any piece piece of mind that would be amazing. 


Not sure how much peace of mind I will bring but I certainly understand how you feel!

I had a borderline abnormal smear in April & same thing, HPV positive & had a colposcopy booked for last week. They were in no rush to see me and played the whole thing down, the colposcopy itself showed unexpected cells which they had to remove but it was a worse experience emotionally than physically? Currently waiting on biopsy results...

Im not an expert & I didn't ask as many questions that day as I should have but the dr did tell me that there are a lot of strains of HPV and they all have a different "job" if you like! There is no cure as far as I know, but it's a hugely common virus and somerthing your body tries to fight naturally (someone can correct me if I'm wrong!) and only a few of the strains common cause cancer.

Please don't worry at this point (easier said than done I know), you are not far off where I am & although I'm anxious to get my biopsy results, this forum has introduced me to ladies in the same boat as me & so much support! 

Keep us informed!!


I have been battling abnormal smears for a couple of years now and like the years in the past I have now had another abnormal result last week and have a appointment for my second colposcopy in my life time next week. My first one last year wasnt anywhere near as bad of a experience as I was expecting and the results even came back better than what my Dr was expecting them to be. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Just dont let yourself totally stress out over it at this point for a couple of reasons first the stress has something to do with making the infection worse and second at this point in the process its not as bad as it sounds it the procedure really isnt much worse than a normal pap. A couple of tips i can offer is #1 if you are a smoker.... stop it also has something to do with making the cell repairing process harder and makes the cells worse.#2 you can start taking a regimin of vitamins and folic acid that will greatly help your immune system to fight the bad cells and start the repair process.