Smear Results by NHS Text Message

Hiya all - hope you are all keeping well. 

Let's start off by saying, I attended my smear test on the 14 November, I was told that results would be sent to me in a letter in the post. 

Fast forward 4 weeks, I receive a text message from NHS-NoReply yesterday stating "The results of your recent test is normal. No further action is needed at this stage". This is obviously really positive and I am pleased. 

I know I have not had any other tests with my GP or hospital so this must be the results of my smear results. 

So my question is, is it normal for results to be sent via text message? And has anyone expereienced this before? Only, I was told that it would only come in a letter in the post?

Any advice would be grately appreciated. 

Keep well. 



Never received that before!! That being said, I didn't even receive a letter from my last one. I phoned up about 5 times before the receptionist said "Oh there's a note on your file that it was inconclusive and you need to go back in 3 months". This was a good 15 weeks after the smear date *sigh*

Glad yours came back normal pet. I'm just waiting on mine and TERRIFIED (post sex bleeding, abnormal bleeding between periods etc...) 

Thank you for your message FreckledFish.

I found out from my GP that they are now sending the texts if you have a number registered with NHS also, I received my letter 2 days later :)

Thank you - I was pleased, it is a worry especially with the long wait!

Fingers crossed your results are all good too! I do wish you well! 

Take care,

O xx

Well all sounds positive so happy club have good results.i wouldn't worry of anyone has had a text to be fare just think about your good result x