Still not given results but GP has them.

My results are at GP surgery as I’ve phoned this morning. Receptionist asked for my name etc & and said ‘ohh there’s something been added to your file give me a second’ then she said ‘yes we have your smear results, have you not had any letters about them yet?’ And I said ‘no, I understand there is a back log I was told last week which I why I thought I’d try ring in again today, can you tell me if it’s all okay’ and she said ‘no I’m sorry I’m not medically trained the doctor needs to comment on the results and he isn’t in, phone after 2pm tomorrow’ and basically that was it. Now as I understand it (even though this is my first smear) isn’t the result letter ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ meaning surely she wouldn’t need to be medically trained to tell me what the letter says? Or am I looking too far into things. Is this common practice that a GP/doctor has to comment on the results of a smear, it wasn’t my GP/doctor that carried out the smear, it was a nurse. But as I say I have not received any correspondence myself and I’d imagine they’d get information out to me quickly if there was a problem, probably my mind doing over time, again. I had the smear on the 30th of this month. Any help/advise would help. Thank you x

Hiya I wouldn't be worrying .. Yes the letter does say normal or abnormal .. If it's any way abnormal it says to contact your doctor for results. When you do contact your doctor the receptionist is not allowed give u any information. When everything was okay with my colposcopy and I rang for the results the receptionist wouldn't tell me everything was okay instead I had to wait and speak to the nurse. Receptionists don't give results and my results from my smear and colposcopy were normal.

I had the same thing happen recently, but my nurse was kind enough to ring me with my results. She did say she wasn't supposed to, but I think she felt sorry for me as my previous smear test had gone missing in the lab and I had to have it repeated. I wouldn't read to much into it, the receptionist isn't allowed to share your results x

Hi. I received my results. Been refered for colposcopy. For the end of May. They apologised for the wait as they said it is supposed to be 2-3 weeks referal (well GP said that) but due to bank holidays etc it's taking a little longer due to catching up with back logs  HPV & abnormal. GP phoned & received letter. Thank you for replies x

Yeah, I've been referred but the appointment isn't until May 24th. It feels like ages away, but I'm trying to totally put it out of my head until nearer the time.

Hope everything goes ok for you x

Mine is the Thursday I think. Waiting for the letter to come through, as it was over the phone. I was out and had no were to write down the app details, but as a letter is being sent out I didn't worry too much. They did say there is a massive back log we're I am at the moment and apologied as it should of been within 2-3 weeks, so possibly the same for you why there is a long wait, playing catch up from the bank holidays & maybe an influx of people going for smears etc. 

Thank you, hope everything goes ok for you too! I'm trying but failing to put it too the back of my mind, doesn't help the fact I've been having browny/black/red discharge recently (sorry tmi) so every time I'm going to the loo, it's a reminder.... even if I have forgot about it for a short while. x