Appointment sent in results letter - eek!

Hi Folks,


I had a smear two weeks ago and was told I would be notified of results by post. I have usually been clear and the letters have stated normal. This time - and rather worryingly - I have been sent,...'further to your recent test an appointment with Dr xx has been made for you on XX at XX Hospital to discuss your results.'

The appointment is within 10 days of the letter and there is no mention of abnormal cells found or anything. Understandably I am freaking out. 


Any advice (apart from try not to stress)? ANy thoughts on what they found? It is weird that there is zero other information apart from be here at this time. 





Try not to panic Rachel (easier said than done haha) none of us will speculate as to what was found because we just don't know. Believe iit or not this is a pretty standard letter I know it seems cruel not to give more info but knowing what was found will probably make you stress as well. My advise is wait until you have had your appt so you know what is happening try and stay positive and stay off google. May not be too helpful but I hate to see someone left hanging when they are worried. Take care x