Smear result

Hi im new on here and really worried had a smear test 3 weeks ago and received my results today- they are saying I have borderline changes and tested for the hpv virus and I have that 

they said i should get my hospital appt in 2 weeks if not contact the doctors

im really scared as I have 2 little children and really really worried I dont know what to think 

From what I know boderline changes are similar to low grade changes and doesn’t mean you have cancer, it just means some of the cells are abnormal and hpv is quite common on women I have it too and the body normally disposes of it through the immune system but when it stays for a long period can cause cancer. That’s what I was told by my doctor if I’m wrong someone please correct me. 

I received the results letter in Wednesday 24th and the next day received my colposcopy letter the next day and my appt is in a next - I’m glad to get it out of the way but it all seems very quick 

Hi cazzy

i hope you are ok.

your situation is identical to mine - I received my smear results today; borderline changes and hpv virus. I am worried as I hadn't had a smear test for 6 years. I am also being sent for a colposcopy and expect to receive an appointment for that shortly. To add insult to injury, at my smear test...the nurse discovered that I have a cervical polyp that needs to be removed. I have an appointment for that on 15 November. 

 i do hope you are alright. I completely sympathise with you as we seem to be in exactly the same position. I feel rather shell shocked as I am sure you do. 


I had clear smears previously (I’m 45) and my most recent one was abnormal. The letter with the smear result arrived the same day as the referral to colposcopy which was 4 days later! Anyway, I had the lletz treatment at the colposcopy appointment (I had Cin2 changes but all clear after treatment) I‘m in Scotland, and currently, they don’t test for HPV at the same time as your smear. However, the doctor described the HPV virus as “the common cold of the cervix”.  I will have another smear in 6 months time and I understand they test for HPV at that point. 

It’s a very worrying time for you both, the suddenness of it all took me by surprise too. 

You‘re in good hands xx

Colposcopy is tomorrow and I’m really nervous, not nervous for the procedure but nervous of what they find. Obviously I hope it’s all clear but if not I’m hoping they do the treatment tomorrow and I haven’t got to wait any longer, this week has been a real nightmare I try to stop thinking about it but this week it has ruled my life, I can’t function- I really don’t want to have to wait any more time especially if they say I need the lletz treatment I just want them to do it tomorrow 

Hi, I just signed up as I have received the letter to say I have low grade dyskaryosis and HPV. I have no one around me that has had the same experience. Im 28, this was my second smear. My first was clear send no sign of hpv. So I'm unaware where I have got this infection from. However, my letter arrived on Friday and was to late to call by the time I read this so this weekend has been hell. Il call to make an appointment first thing in the morning. How soon can I expect to be seen for my colposcopy?

Beck xx

Hope everything went ok for you. It really is a very emotionally draining time. 

Fingers crossed you got good results.

Hey Bexsi89, how did you get on? I got the same result today and have nobody to talk to that’s been through the same thing! X