Smear after LLETZ

Morning ladies, 

i had my LLETZ on the 19/03 so now have the painfull wait for the results but the lady who did it did say i would need to have a smear test done in 6 months times but did not say if i have to go back to the hospital or go to my GP i was just wondering if any of you ladies have been told the same and if you been told were to go to have your next smear test done.

I am waiting on biopsy results too, horrible trying to concentrate on anything else. The follow up smears will be done at your GP as normal. You will only be refferred back to the hospital if the results return abnormal again, toherwise youll be invited back 12 months after that and it will continue.

Fingers crossed for you love,

Hello I had treatment today and my aftercare letter says that I will get my results within 4 weeks. Once the results arrive then the letter will tell me where I need to have my next smear. Hope that helps. Im hoping the results show all the cells have been removed. Worst luck though 6 months from now when my next smear invite it likely to come through will be a few weeks before my wedding and honeymoon :(. 

Smear 1st March

Results 14th March

Colposcopy and Loop treatment 26th March