The wait begins again!

Hi everyone

Had my follow up smear test today, 6 months after my last LLETZ treatment, so the dreaded wait begins again!  Results in my area take 4-6 weeks to come through so it can really drag on a bit.  I've had lots of issues with bleeding since my LLETZ treatment so there's a chance the sample will be in inadequate due to too much blood so have got my fingers crossed that that doesn't happen as then will have to go back to get another test done and start the waiting period all over again!  Anyone else waiting for their results at the moment?  What is the waiting time in your area? x

Hiya! I'm sorry that you're having to go through the hellish wait again. :( I have just had my results from my LLETZ so my follow up isn't for another 5 months but i imagine it won't ever be too far from the front of my mind until then. Did you just have a smear or a colposcopy too? I'm 4 weeks post-LLETZ and experiencing spotting still....I keep reading conflicting information on whether this is normal or not. I'm sorry to hear you've had lots of problems with bleeding since the LLETZ, have you spoke to your GP/nurse about this? Is it to be expected? Good luck with your results. Vicky x

Hi Vicky

It was just a smear today, I've got another colposcopy in 6 months time (assuming that the results from this smear are clear and not needing any further examination!) After that if all is well I'll just go back to yearly smear tests.  

Spotting 4 weeks after LLETZ shouldn't be anything to worry about from what I have been told.  It's been 6 months since my last LLETZ and I'm bleeding nearly every day and they still don't actually seem to be too concerned!  I've seen the gp about it a few times, they did blood test to check hormone levels which were all okay.  My last visit to the gp they did an examination and the gp said that a part of my womb lining was exposed after having to have two treatments close together so it is likely that this is causing the bleeding and that it can just take a really long time to heal.  The nurse at the hospital said the same today so it's incredibly frustrating but seems that nothing can really be done about it although she did say if it was still happening in a month or two they might be able to put a chemical on the bit that is bleeding to see if it will help!  I've just realised that my issues might unnerve you a bit but don't let them, I think my situation isn't very common and nothing for you to worry about at this stage.  From what I remember the first time I had LLETZ I was told the bleeding could last up to 6 weeks so I think the fact that it's already reduced down to spotting for you is a good sign that it will stop altogether soon! x

Had a call from the nurse at the hospital yesterday (day after my smear test) to say that she had spoken to the consultant after I left and because I am having continuous bleeding still they want to do another colposcopy.  Only problem is the appointment isn't until the middle of May so a 6 week wait!  The benefit of that is that even if the smear tests take the full 6 weeks to come back, as is a possibility, it at least means I'll definitely have the results before the colposcopy so they will know there and then if they are going to have to deal with any further abnormalities.  How are you getting on Vicky? x




Hiya! I think I’d prefer a colposcopy for reassurance….It’s already unnerving me that I’m only booked in for a smear at my 5 month checkup and not a colposcopy too. I’m still spotting but due on my period anytime now so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that once that’s done and dusted, I’ll finally get back to normal…Although that may be wishful thinking haha. Thank you for asking! : )  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a normal smear result for you! xx