Slightly confused by it all -glandular cells and large loop

I've lurked for the past few weeks and I have to say this site is amazing.  I found reading everyone's stories reassuring.

i had cervical erosion and polyps years ago, the erosion was quarterised? And the polyps I was told nothing to worry about at a colposcopy when I had moderate cell changes four/five years ago, then my first smear since being under normal screening and one clear smear comes back high grade dyskaryosis. I was taken back in for colposcopy within fourty eight hours of results at 6.30 (appointment was last of the day), on a period.  The consultant admitted that it they had discussed it was a priority to see me quickly even though I was on my period because my sample smear had come back high grade and there were endocervical cells in the mix?  A bit freaked out!  Anyway she smeared on the iodine and it looked clear but she could see under the microscope the endocervical cells in the centre of the canal.  Then she got me off and said a large section would need to be removed for a biopsy of the canal under ga.  whilst she was writing out the forms for admittance I asked how long the appointment for op would take and she said she'd marked it under priority as urgently urgent! I'm now sinking inside at this point.  Fast forward to my colposcopy and the consultant decided she would do a large lletz and a womb (endometrial?) biopsy, she would talk afterwards about what she'd done.  After my op the consultant had gone and my nurse said I would get a letter in the post and be seen in six.  I asked if womb biopsy was taken she said no.  I got upset and explained it was in the plan, she went away and came back saying she'd spoken to the consultant on the phone and they had biopsy of womb as well.  I asked if the op went ok and how the surgeon felt it all looked and the nurse just said there wasn't that much information on my discharge notes but sure it was fine.  I feel something's not right as she didn't come to see me after but just got the nurse to use a basic discharge note to tell me How it had gone.  

if your still with me on this saga - thank you :-). I guess what I want to know is why did the surgeon/consultant not see me after?  Will I never know her thoughts on my insides (had bleeding and pain during sex in last couple of months)?  And also could these glandular cells have been there years ago when I had other problems but were simply missed?  Also is large loop a preference over cone biopsy for glandular cells? I thought it was the other way until I came round from my op!  Very confused and worried , any suggestions, clarification gratefully received xx

It can be confusing and the terminology can muddy the waters even further, but do try to not worry too much. There is little difference between a large loop and a cone biopsy, most cones are done by loop anyway (apart from cold knife cones) the only difference is the shape of the sample taken and the size of sample can vary widley for both procedures. The fact the consultant didnt come back to see you after the procedure is fairly standard if you have it done under ga, when I had my cone the doc didnt come back to see any of the ladies having a variety of treatments/investigations done. Do you have a follow up appointment booked? Sometimes they wait until the results are back and if they are not satisfied that they have achieved clear margins or there are any signs of invasive cancer thy will have you back in no time, if the results indicate your tratment was successful its quite common to just have a 6 month follow up.

I had persistent and extensive CIN 3 with glandular involvment and therefore had an extensive loop cone with an extra bit from deeper into the canal taken (called a top hat) the consultant was preparing me for the worst but to everybodies supprise the results came back as cin 1 with confirmed clear margins :) couldnt have asked for a better outcome, I'm back again in 6 months  and fingers crossed all will be clear, even though my results were good I had an appointment already booked with the consultant for 4 weeks post op as they weren't expecting such a positive outcome but all trusts handle follow up a little differently so try not to panic if you do or dont have a follow up appointment, sometimes they just send a results letter, dont forget though that you can always call the colp clinic and speak to one of the nurses who are normally brilliant and clearing up any questions or worries you might have.

My family is complete so I had no need to try to preserve fertility and I pretty much have no cervix left now, so any more abnormal cells would mean a hysterectomy. But to finish on a positive note, after all the stress and worry I have been through in the past year I can now say that I do not and will not have cervical cancer, any further cell changes will be dealt with wayyyyy before they could ever progress to cancer and for that I am thankfull.


Thanks niki your right it becomes to easy to second guess what things mean and let your mind run wild. I think it was just the urgent build up to it all and now I feel a bit like ‘so now what’ lol gonna keep myself busy until the results come through I think :slight_smile: