Hello from Lynn

Hi everyone, I have been reading through so many posts and have nothing but admiration for everyone on here. I am hoping I can drawn on your considerable knowledge to help me understand the results of my abnormal smear test. I stupidly missed my last smear and have now had a letter telling me I have Glandular Neoplasia and to see my GP urgently, which I did. She told me I have cancer and an urgent appointment will be made for me to attend the Colposcopy clinic. I received the appointment within 2 days and this is for next Wednesday afternoon. This is all happening so fast it has scared me stiff. I finally had my long overdue smear on the 23rd January and received the letter about the smear on the 31st January so clearly they are treating this as urgent. My own research seems to advise that Glandular Neoplasia is pre-cancerous so I am confused?? It seems a Neoplasm is a cancer but Neoplasia are the cells which form a Cancer and are not in themselves a cancer?? I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me regarding this, has anyone else had this diagnosis?


   Thank you Smile


Hi Lynn,

i had the same 4 years ago, the doctors called me in and told me I had cancer, I went to see my gynecologist who told me these were pre cancerous changes, he was so cross with the doctors, I had a leep and hysterscopy under GA, I had clear smear till my last one a few weeks ago and the glandular cells had come back, I opted for a hysterectomy, I am only 33 buy have had my children so decided this was best for me as these cells are hard to manage. Please do not panic like I did, they are pre cancerous cells, they are CGIN, I would ask for a hysterscopy as these cells are normally in the cervical canal.

Thank you so much for your quick and re-assuring response. Everything I read seemed to indicate it was pre-cancerous but I couldn't get away from what the Doctor told me in the whole 2 mins consultattion. No re-assurance from her at all, thank goodness for forums like these and people like you. Thank you again. Just want Wednesday to get here now.


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No problems, this site was so helpful when I had the same, Wednesday will soon be here, let us know how you get on, and try not to worry, easy to say but I worried myself to much.xx

Hello lynn.

I am currently going through the exact same thing as you at the moment had my colposcopy on the 16th december and got a leeter through saying it was glandular neoplasia and the gynaecologist said he would get me booked in for the lletz treatment, my gp had also told me a few week earlier that it was cancer over the phone and when I told the gynaecologist at my colposcopy appointment he couldnt believe he had told me that and said he couldnt see and cancer cells they are just cells that if left untreated could develop in to it at a later stage... I was so relieved :) I have got my lletz under GA on tuesday so getting abit scared again now xx

Thank you both for your replies and I will of course let you know how I  get on and please Rachylou let us know how you get on too. So glad I found this forum/site xx


Hope all went well Rachylou. I have been thinking about you xx 

Saw the Consultant yesterday, he was surprised GP had told me I had Cancer since he said even he couldn't say that at this stage!! Anyway diagnosed with CGIN but have to wait for biopsy to find out which grade but advised was all pre-cancerous at this point. Had LLETZ procedure carried out.  Not out of the woods but definitely feel more optimistic now.


Was thinking about you yesterday, glad you got it all out of the way, it's the waiting I hated, but after Lettz I had 4 years clear but unlucky for me it came back, but had hysterectomy as I had 2 children, I'm only 33 but couldn't cope with all the worry.xx

Aw thank you so much.  The waiting is hard but I am putting it to the back of my mind. The Consultant mentioned a possible Hysterectomy yesterday and to be honest I too would prefer to have the op and be done with it. My sons are grown up and my child bearing ship sailed sometime ago lol. Will keep the thread updated.  I hope you are now keeping welland are worry free xx 

Hi, yes keep us informed, I'm 3 weeks post op and glad I have had it done, didn't feel ready at 29 as wanted another child but decided that we have two girls and don't think I could have coped worrying about the cells whilst pregnant.xx

Of course I will keep you updated. I think you made a wise choice.