new confused and a bit scared!

Hi all

May ramble so I aplogise now ! I had a smear on 10 December and 2 weeks later had aletter to say abnormal cells had been detected  and needed an urgent hospital referral and to go back to where i had my smear done to discuss and arrange appt. It turned out that the hospital somehow had a wrong address and docs details and my hospital appt had been sent to an address i had 3 years ago ! Anyway the doc immediatly rang hospital and luckily my colposcopy appy was for 2nd Jan so hadn't missed it .....but while she was on the phone she mentioned the word glandular in ref to my results and it was only when i asked what that meant I had any idea what abnormalities had been found .....  googled madly since and really need to stop lol. Anyway went for colposcopy on 2 Jan and the nurse explained that the cell changes were slightly more unusual but was planning to remove them at the time if she was able and take a biopsy all of which I was sort of expecting but was still shaking like a leaf ! On further examination she  said that she felt it would be better to have me asleep  as it was difficult to be sure that all could be removed because of where the problem is ( further in the cervix than is easily accessible I'm guessing !) i have also been referred to the consultant to discuss my biopsy results and treatment . Im also worried by the fact that she was concerned about a 'raised area ' which a sample was taken from and also that it bled quite alot ....raised areas and bleeding dont sound ever so good to me ! Its only through my own research that CGIN is even on my radar and why no mention of abnormality was mentioned on my initial letter seems from reading these forums that CIN is mentioned when abnormalities are  detected  . My rational brain tells me not to get to worked up about it and just wait for the consultant appt nxt tuesday but I have moments of panic when i do think the worst....and really need to stop googling !! Has anyone had a  similar experiance  and how did it work out ?

Hi Jenny,

In the last few months of being on this forum, I’ve decided that the letters that get sent out are inconsistent and often really unclear, but at least they usually go to the right address!

CIN are abnormal cells linked to the most common form of the illness, which affects the cells on the surface of the cervix. CGIN are abnormalities of the glandular cells which line the canal that passes from your cervix to your womb. CGIN is much less common than CIN, so that’s why it comes up less often on this forum. However, although it is less common, it isn’t more agressive or anything, it’s just different.

CGIN can be a bit more tricky to spot because the cells are on the inside and they tend to need deeper tissue samples to understand what’s going on. I had a LLETZ and ‘top hat’ under local (the LLETZ was like a ball of tissue and then there was an additional sort of cone taken out on top). It’s not in my top 5 life experiences, but it was bearable. Most other ladies seem to have this sort of thing done under a general - it all depends on your personal circumstances and how your hospital approaches things, I think.

Now, I know it’s really hard not to jump umpteen steps ahead at a time like this (particualrly when so many of us on this forum have moved on to treatment for more serious conditions), but do try to take each step as it comes. The chances of it being anything really sinister are low and, in any case, you are in the system now and will know more very soon. Oh, and do stop Googling - it’ll drive you crazy.

Good luck for your next steps - you sound like a smart and sensible lady - you can get through this. It’s horrible and scary but there’s nothing to do but take each step as it comes. Keep in touch and best of luck. x

Hey love

If you have a look through this website - there are quite a few women who have had CGIN - its not as rare as you think! it just means the abornomal cells are glandular and further up the cervix rather than the ones which are on the outside which lead to CIN. I would also recommend that perhaps you speak to the medical panal who can probably provide some reassurance.

I know how scary it all is and nothing we can say will stop you worrying. I have been through the same but with CIN and it scared the life out of me. But you went for your smear and whatever is going on will have been caught early and treated! I think CGIN can be slighlty more complicated that CIN as it is further up and sometimes can be in more than one area which is probably why you have been referred to a consultant


Good luck and let us know how you get on


Love Cat x 

Thanks ladies ....I have asked my partner to remove the computer if he sees me googling again lol It's nice(?!) to know there are  others that have had and are still going through similar experiences .....when i mentioned having to go for further investigation to a couple of work friends it turned out they had had similar experiences and one had had laser treatment  albeit a long time ago and she is obviously fit and well now ! I have found myself running nearly every day as it does help clear the mind even if only for an hour ( im in training for the London Marathin) and certainly helps with sleeping lol will be back with hopefully a positive update ......


Hi-you got a response, no one has responded to mine!  I probably sound like a complete loon.  I agree with the above about the NHS and letters.  When I went for my smear and always have done, I was told I think about the sti HPV but thought no I don't have anything apart from herpes which I got from a boyfriends 25 years ago, so when I have changed partner I get checked out.  So when the smear results came back with you have HPV which is a common sti and have been refered for colposcopy I was in pieces especially with all the cancer leaflets etc.  I was in two minds whether to go for the col as its so instrusive and there were 3 nurses!  But I sorted that its not a place for an audience.  I listened to my music, also had a chat with the nurse who explained a good deal and I still phone her as I get bad panick moments.  I'm not sure if its because its an sti and won't ever go, the fact that I may have passed it on or because its so instrusive.  I was really annoyed and flipped when I received the letter from the hospital regarding the colposcopy results saying they were being held for a monthly discussion which would delay them getting to me.  I made 4 calls and got a call back.  Very insensitive of them.  If they had the results then they could tell me and what the discussion was about, well I think it said to discuss treatment and care.  I told them that they need to discuss that with me its my body and I will decide if or not I will have it done.  I am having local as after the instrusiveness of the proceedure I want to get out of the place and get home-it may sound mad I know, I will need a wash.  I have CIN 1 and having a lettz, as there are a few other changes but only a few.  I am always dubious about doctors and hospitals, when I have been ill before I have felt so I was wasting time.

I am having the treatment and hope that is it.  I can't swim for 4 weeks but I will carry on as normal and be biking by the end of the week maybe just a bit slower.  This isn't stopping me enjoying life.  I can't be in a relationship now with this I know, so I have to do what I want if that makes sense.  If its that common maybe calling it an sti should change.  People are not accepting of sti's, people still think HIV can be caught really easily and it can't,  there is a stigma.  I can't confide in family but have in two male friends.  And I am not spreading the word.  I feel like a complete leper in all fairness.  I am lucky I have two gorgeous boys.

Yes the NHS can be very discompassionate, they need to remember we are human beings with emotional and the smear nurses lack of understanding HPV is not helpful, they need all the info to explain it correctly.  When I went back to mine at first she hadn't really a clue in all fairness.

Sorry bit long getting good at essays. :)

And good luck with London.  Sport is my sanity and it does clear the mind and make you feel loads better.   And yes also to Google and search engines, they tend to show worse case senarios first, people will always look at them.  Sad but we all do it!

Well fingers crossed that your treatment will sort it out and you will be on your bike and up to speed in no time ! x