Confused and Worried


I’m all new to this.
I went to the GP in September due to pain and bleeding post sex and when she looked said my cervix didn’t look healthy and I needed to be seen in colposcopy so I was.

Seen by them in October and they removed a polyp and sent it for biopsy as some area also went white with the acid wash the colp nurse said she wasn’t ovely concerned everything looked fine.

Results came through last week that I had abnormal glandular cells and that treatment was booked for the 21st Nov
Had LLETZ on Monday and they took a sizable amount away then I wouldn’t stop bleeding even after 20 or so mins. So I had to be packed and sent home with the packing out yesterday I’m still spotting and I am in pain but went back to work today.

Now my questions how likely that this will be it or is there a possibility that I could still be told I have cancer?

Will this affect fertility?

Am likely to have this again?

And is the abnormal glandular cells pretty bad? Some websites say one thing other say different so I’m confused with it?

T x