Don't know what to think

Hi I'm new to the site!! I received my smear test results on Friday. All it said was they were abnormal and I had been booked in for a colposcopy which was today! I had had some pretty bad bleeding During/after sex. On arrival he said the abnormalities were glandular, he was pretty sure it wasn't cancer however after he had a look and took the biopsy he said he was going to send it away as urgent and would call me i also noticed he circled invasive on the colposcopy report now surely if he knew 100% that it was cancer and invasive he should of told me??

My brain is totally away I don't know what to think any experience/reassurance would be great.

Hi Charlene,

I just wanted to help reassure you if I can, when I had my colposcopy they took me into a room after and told me there and then that I had cancer. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.



Hi, your situation sounds quite similar to mine. I had a call a week after my smear to be told result was highly abnormal and treated as possible cancer. At my colposcopy the doc said he didn’t think it looked like cancer but wanted it biopsied urgently. the biopsy showed glandular changes (CGiN). I think think this doesn’t look as clear cut as standard CiN on a colposcopy so they prioritise it just in case. If you doc said they didn’t think it looked like cancer I bet it probably isn’t, I think my circling invasive on the form it just ensures it is top of the list for the lab. They wouldn’t have said it didn’t look like cancer if they didn’t think that. I heard back within a week after my biopsy, at least you won’t have to long a wait. Good luck and think positively I know it’s scary! Xx

Thank you so much guys been absolutely terrified. He said it looked quite suspicious and when I queried the invasive he said he couldn't really tell without biopsy. I know glandular is more unusual and I know he was using a microscope but it didn't look good to me :/. Cx