Slightly abnormal cells called borderline changes

Had my first routine smear test last Monday yesterday I received a letter saying i had abnormal cells called borderline changes and high risk HPV virus.

I’ve googled everything possible, self diagnosed myself with all the bad stuff, convinced myself I have cervical cancer.

Been sat in my pjs all day and sobbing that this is a death sentence, my partner is amazing but I can’t help feeling alone. My anxiety and depression have kicked in :frowning:

I have a colposcopy booked in for next week but rang them and said due to my anxiety i can’t wait that long and they’ve had a space tomorrow at 1:30

I am petrified I will go there tomorrow and be told there is no nothing they can do as it’s too late cancer :frowning:

I’m petrified anyone else had results like this what happens?


Hi Amie,


I can totally relate to this, I had the exact same results from my smear (my first 2 smears were normal). I have my colposcopy on 7th February; smear was 25th Nov, I totally agree the wait makes you feel so anxious :(


I have also mentally gone through all sorts of horrible scenarios in my head, however, try to remember that borderline changes are the smallest possible changes and it's only because of the HPV that you get referred for a colposcopy to have a better look at what is going on.


You're lucky to have been given a quicker appointment (I will have waited 10 weeks by the time I have mine!). I hope it all goes well tomorrow, try to be positive and ask the doctor lots of questions...I will be! Please do come back to let me know how it goes. Sending you lots of luck xx