Skin and haircare with Chemo

Hi everyone im a first time poster here
I am about to go into my chemo and i have a lot of worries about what happens to my hair and skin during chemo
i have to do 10 rounds of it over the coming weeks and I am afraid to lose my hair and that my skin will become aged
all advice welcomem
thank you

Hi Northcoastgal,

I am starting treatment on Monday so I can’t offer personal experience but I have learned from people I know who have had chemorads that the more natural the skincare the better, lots of moisturisers and keep hydrated, drink sooo much water. Hair wise it depends on which Chemo you are having, I am having Cisplatin which can cause thinning but not complete loss. Hope this helps xxx

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Do you know what type of chemo you’re having and will you be having radiotherapy?

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Hey guys thanks for your responses it’s been a bad few weeks I got Covid and my treatments have been delayed because they said my system was too weak
I’m due to start a course of both chemo and radiotherapy - I’m going in this Friday and fairly shook up about it. I know it sounds vain but I’m really hung up on losing my hair I just want to at least look normal to put a brave face on it

If your Chemo is Cisplatin then your hair wont fall out.
The radiotherapy can cause irritation and burns. Fortunately I didnt. I mousturised my pelvic area front and back with Aveeno. I was sure to not have freshly apllied creams before the radiotherapy but would moisturise afterwards.

Thank you Shammy, it’s going to be carboplatin and radiotherapy for me. Was it just normal aveeno you used? My skin sometimes reacts in blotches to it

The Aveeno was the unscented one. If you’re sensitive to it then maybe not. Your radiotherapy team should be able to give you advice on a cream

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Thanks again for your advise on this.
Have you taken anything for hairloss / biotin I hear is good?

Ive heard that too but not 100% sure. I found pure organic coconut oil great for moisture and pure organic Aloe vera gel soothing ifmy head became hot and rashy. I lost my hair in the heatwave!

I hear that I wont lose it until my 6th session… so im enjoying it while i can

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