hair loss twice!?

Hi ladies!! I'm sure this will seem very trivial to you all and yes it's only a very minor problem but I just wondered have any of you experienced hair loss twice during the same period of treatment?  It's just a started 1st of 8 doses of taxol/cisplatin/avastin in Sept, hair was all gone in 3 weeks, started to grow again around Xmas, then by time chemo finished 3 weeks ago I had good thick head of hair again almost in a pixie style. However since yesterday when I started radiotherapy again it's began to fall out again!!! Just wondering if you had anything like this.?

Just can't understand why it's coming out now again after growing so well. I'm kinda more disappointed this time however I know it's not a major problem in the grand scheme of things xxx

Hi Lynnie,

You must be just so disappointed, I am so sorry to hear this. Hair loss is not trivial, it's a big fat reminder to you and everybody you know that things could very definitely be better. Just wanted to wish you all the best through your latest course of treatment and of course huge hugs.



Thank you for replying Tivoli! Yes I'm disappointed but hopefully it all won't come out.... was looking forward to a summer of no hats/headscarves! X


Hi Lynnie


Yes the hair loss is terrible! I have lost mine, had it shaved on sunday but thankfully i do have a nice wig, but its still heartbreaking. I used to have lovely long blonde hair before all this. I hope you dont mind me asking but how did you find the avastin/taxol?  I am second round in to carbo/taxol and avastin. I did have 3 rounds of cisplatin/5fu before but i was scanned after 2 rounds and whilst everything in my groin and cerix remained stable, a node in my stomach lit up on the pet scan and i think another couple of lymph glands. im hoping this new combination will work for me. Ive heard it worked wonders for others.

Have you asked your oncologist why your hair has come out now? xxx