Hair question after treatment!

Hi ladies!

So I’ve finished my treatment now ! Chemo radio and brachys! Yay. So now the waiting begins.

I am taking time this week to start to feel back to myself and one thing on my agenda is getting my roots of my hair done! Highlighted so bleached. Is this going to be ok after chemo? I’m paranoid my hair is so thin and weak it may cause it to fall out as chemo still in your body? Any ladies out there had this done after treatment? ( I finished last week)?

Sorry to post something like this I should feel lucky I even have hair and didn’t lose any but wAnt to feel attractive again and treat myself


I got mine dyed and high lighted after treatment and mines was fine xx 

Hi Geo This is no trivial question. My hair can't take colour properly. Brown dye turns amber, caramel dye turns pink, blonde turns purple. I had to strip the colour and have a head of white hair. I was bald though from carboplatin/taxol combination. Last years Cisplatin didn't effect it much so you should be fine. Get one of those natural dyes though. Our locks are precious Jayne

Speak to your hairdresser and ask them their advice and everyone is different you see - I lost all my hair and it's now come back but I've never dyed it again and won't. My hairdresser knows a lot about hair (quiet shocked as she was telling me about the hair folicals and that and I didnt realise this is the type of stuff thays taught as to me it's more of a science thing you see - no offence to anyone!)