Sickness and unable to eat after colposcopy

Good evening you wonderful ladies!
Trying to be positive but very difficult especially as I have been quite sick this week. I have had no treatment just my colposcopy on Wednesday the 2nd November,where they took 4 biopsies. The procedure was fine and I didn’t feel a thing!! But since then I haven’t been able to eat and can honestly say it’s not with worry! I’ve already been told I have cc so I’m not worried about the waiting. Today have been sick 3 times and have alot of hiccups. My pain med codeine has been doubled but I need to know if that’s a normal thing to happen after a colposcopy? Just some more info,all this week I’ve been running around to appointments Wednesday biopsy Thursday London for liver outpatients appointment and today another appointment so since my biopsy I haven’t really rested…could this be why I’m being sick? I have not got a temperature and the hiccups are a pain as is the problem with eating. I can barely get through anything,without the nauseating feeling and a few hours later I am ill. Most is just trapped wind from the hiccups but being sick isn’t great on top of that…could I have an infection or is this normal?

Hey just a quick update and please before you read on there is TMI following.

Basically I was bleeding so badly after the biopsies (it wasn'tbecause of the procedure! Didn't feel a thing and was quite shocked. Just the severity of my health) that the Dr wanted to pack me.there were no tampons....however there were these things that looked like gauze and that was placed over the bleeding surface. I was told that would fall out in a couple of days and not to worry!

Well after just using the bathroomIt came to my attention that the gauze has just fallen out,is there a possibility that this was what was making me sick? I honestly don't know what to do or think as it's not a position I've been in before and would appreciate any help that you could all give.

Lots of virtual hugs xxxxxxx

Thanks for listening....well reading my panic moments xxxxxxx 

I don't know. It could have been the gauze, bit could be the start of an infection. You should probably speak to a doctor or the colp clinic to be sure. 

Good luck and feel better x

Hi harlee

you have had a week from hell so it's no wonder you are feeling sick to your stomach. Between the stress of diagnosis,your mind all over the place, healing from biopsys,appointments, and just pure chaos the body will respond in crazy ways. Sometimes you might not even think you are stressed(your mind feels ok with everything) but your body is saying something else. Do try to rest and not physically overdue it this weekend. If you don't feel you are improving then seek a dr advice. You also mentioned your meds were doubled. That could also cause your stomach to produce more acid and cause your hiccups and queezy feeling. I do believe that codeine can cause nausea, just because a smaller dose hasn't effected you a bigger dose might. 

Hope you feel better soon

Wow I am seriously grateful for all your messages and Lolli I must ask are you following me lol! Sorry sarcasm seems to be my comforter at the moment.

I am scared out of my mind and am so glad that you wonderful girls are here. And no I haven't rested and would love to but have to keep things normal for my Lil girl and am trying as hard as I can. She knows what's going on now and she didn't like it but she asked everything and I answered everything I could but with an age appropriate answer for her. And told her shes welcome to talk about it ask questions or share feelings with anyone in the family as we will all help. And distracted her with a lucky buddha so she can rub his belly every day. Problem is every day I am getting more tired more lethargic and completely drained. Am I doing to much or is this what I should get used to. And yes I know I should rest but it's not easy to do when things are keeping to the routine 

Lots of love and hugs to everyone I'm so Grateful I found you all