Feeling ill post colposcopy

Had my colposcopy two weeks ago. The doc took three biopsies. I had light bleeding which turned into a period (I wasnt due but hear this is normal). my concern is that a few weeks on I still feel really sick and woozy all the time and just plain exhausted. im not sure if this is a sign of anything. If anyone has experienced similar please feel free to but in and tell Me to stop being stupid. Thanks. 

I'm very similar. Just plain knackered and also quite teary which isn't like me. Ive also got a real pain in my abdomen. 

I think it might all be partly due to stress. Just hoping it goes away otherwise I'm going to see my GP.

Hope you feel better soon. 

Hi there, I had the Lettz treatment a week ago after having a biopsy taken. I didn't feel too bad after the biopsy but this past week I have felt exhausted, weepy, listless and generally not myself. I also don't know if it's a stress reaction or my body telling me to rest. I feel so lost as I don't know what's "normal" in these situations. I hope you are both feeling better by now. X 

I am not stressed because I am pretty confident my results will be ok. I have dyskariosis but have been reassured that this isn't cancer? I had three biopsies to make sure on an area of white but they didn't seem concerned. I am just worrying in case I have an infection as today all my body aches neck is stiff have no appetite and i feel like I have black eyes! Hoping its coincidence. Thank u for responding just wandered if anyone else felt the same hopefully we all feel better soon. My bleeding has completely stopped so got to be a good sign. 

I'm glad your bleeding stopped!  I had my punch biopsies on Monday, got the results that it's just minor cell changes they'll watch every 6 months.  I've had a bad cold, so I thought that's why I was feeling so crappy.  I too feel tired, but I'm still bleeding heavily despite going back in Friday and them putting more medication on to help stop the bleeding.  They didn't seem concerned that it was an issue in regards to being more likely I had cancer though and my doctor is very proactive - I had no abnormal pap even, just tested positive for a high-risk strain of HPV and she recommended deeper samples to catch anything early.  Best of luck to you and I hope all is well!

Feeling fine now! must have been unrelated I'm still waiting for my letter with the results. Hoping no news is good news. Thank u for your reply and I'm happy you had a good result. X