Post biopsy and colcoscopy

hey ladies.. So had my biopsy Monday felt ok not great since bit this am I feel terrible whole body is aching I feel really bloated and the brown spotting is getting heavier it's slightly clotty and bitty!! I'm really worried don't feel myself at all not sure weather a lot of it is all the stress and im just run down. But how did u all feel few days after? Many thanks xxxx

Hi carly me again! :)


If your concerned at all ring you colposcopy clinic. Cant remember how i was with my biopsy. With my recent Lletz i was ok couple of days then i started getting bloated and itd get to 3pm time and id feel shattered etc. I think it is normal to feel abit like this. Just monitor the spotting doesnt get worse think my spotting was for 5days long after my biopsy. As with lletz the gritty bits could be the scab coming away.

Hope you feel better soon x

I had my colposcopy on Monday and a biopsy taken. I felt terrible all day- pain and cramping and generally feeling unwell.  I had to go to bed when I got home with a hot water bottle all day! Yesterday and today I still have cramping and I have a strange bloody/yellow discharge. I will keep an eye on it and phone my doctor if it gets worse. I would suggest you do the saem. Keep taking mild pain killers and make sure you rest if you can. Sadly Im back at work as I dont have a very understanding boss but hopefully you will feel better within a few days. My sister says feeling run down is bound to be a symtpom of all the stress x



Don't be worried did they not give you a leaflet on what to expect?  TMI I had a yellowy discharge for about 10 days until the scab came off which is when it turned brown/dark red and had gritty bits (the scab).  You need to monitor for high temperature, really bad abdo cramps, and really offensive smell.  Thats the sign of an infection.  I am now on 2 lots of antibiotics as my Dr thinks I have an infection it's 18days since mine.


Just to note I also had some fresh blood spotting a few days ago I rang the nurse colposcopy specialist today and she said it will just be the next scab coming away nothign to worry about unless you have fresh blood runnign out of you like a tap so much that you need to sit on the toilet as it won't sotp other than that don't worry its normal!



Hi new to this but I had my biopsys taken on Friday and felt drained all day am a bag of nerves waiting for the results I have high diskosa cin3 and my nurse said it looks very suspicious cc so she has rushed my biopsys throu I asked her would she ringe when thay our back and she said she would I had brown discharge gritty discharge for 2 days my next app is 11 march am just stressing to much and making myself I'll thinking about it all the time 

Hi tash

literally an hour after posting above I went to the loo and had bright red blood - on the toilet paper and in the toilet bowl, sorry for tmi. I do have period type cramping too, slightly concerned as I was at work when I happened , I'm just wondering if the bright red blood is normal? Pretty certain it isn't my period. Haven't had another episode yet but the cramping is making me a little more anxious. I'm only 2 days after my colposcopy,  i just can't be dealing with any more stress this week :-/ x

Hi carrie


Apologies i thought you had had lletz which is what i had done and the symptoms i was describing is for that.


At this moment in time have you just had the punch biopsy? When i had that i bled for about 5days and it was like what a normal period colour is for. Reddy brown in colour. That should only last for about 5days or so. Red blood can be normal as everyone is different. Obviosuly a punch biopsy is a smaller wound site than lletz and the colposcopy nurse said to me today on phone only to be concerned if it is running out like a tap after lletz and your filling a pad quicker than an hour...which is obviously quite a quick flow if you were. Keep an eye on it and put your feet up. My fresh blood came when i was at work i came home. X