Sex and after Lletz

I had my lletz around 3 weeks ago, at 2 weeks My discharge had stopped and I felt more or less fine again, however after having sex I now feel like one side of my pelvic area is in so much pain. I didn’t know if this was normal or not or what really. Just trying to see other people’s journeys on this. I now feel like I don’t even want my husband near that area at all :frowning:

Quite early to be having sex, I was told 4 weeks at least and I think I might be 6.
I’m the opposite to you, I can’t wait but will have to.
Go gently when you feel ready ? Use lube, make sure he stops if you ask ?
I had my lletz 3 weeks ago too. Never ending watery discharge:(

Thank you for replying :slight_smile: they only told me a couple of weeks so I feel panicked now hearing it could be 4-6 weeks yikes! When I had a cauterisation and then a biopsy they specially said up to 6 weeks but not after my lletz. Eurgh so annoying feel like I’m constantly waiting for the next thing to go wrong at the moment :frowning: xxxx

I’m having a grim time at 3 and a half and mine was quite a mild lletz.
Might have been me breaking the rules and having a look though
Don’t do it ……