Sex after LLETZ

I had LLETZ almost 4 weeks ago and my husband is understandably keen to have sex again!

I haven't bled for about a week but I still have quite a lot of yellowish watery discharge.

Does this mean that I should continue to wait?  The information from the hospital said 4 weeks but I am wondering if continued discharge means I should wait a bit longer.


Reading with interest, had lletz today on a small area. If it were me I think I would wait a bit longer. X

HI, I've also had the same and was advised to 6 weeks although stopped bleeding after 3 x

I waited 7 weeks with having sex, just to be sure that everything was doing okay. Specially since I also got an infection and had to take antibiotics. 
Just hours after the sexual encounter I start having heavy bleedings, and it worries me, as I just had my period 2 weeks ago. 
Did this happen to any of you?