Worried to have sex 6 weeks after Lletz

I hope someone out there has experienced something similar as I would love to get some advice :slightly_smiling_face:

I had the Lletz procedure done back on 4th May and it will be FINALLY 6 weeks on Tuesday 15th June BUT after waiting to recommended 4-6 weeks recovery time im now feeling supper worried/anxious to have sex again. My recovery has been ok…went through the process of watery discharge…then started bleeding for a couple of weeks (like a weak period)…then brown discharge…now in the last week of the recommend recovery time I just have yellow/clear discharge but only after I wee and wipe (sorry for gruesome details). I dont know if this is part of the healing process still but I might be back to normal and I might just be ovulating…I know this is the kind of discharge I has when I was ovulating before I had the Lletz so this maybe normal right now but anything down there now I dont know if its normal or not now haha …ANYWAY…I want to have sex again with my partner but im literally feeling worried about how it will feel or if i will bleed after or if it will hurt or be sensitive or if i should wait longer or not (bless him hes been very patient)…anyone felt the same or anyone have any suggestions for me ? :smiley:

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I have had this convo with my boyfriend who is autistic and have suggested missionary so he can see my face and be more aware of how I am feeling which he always finds a challenge. Not our usual ( I feel this is tmi)
I think the main thing is tons of communication and you to express needs and how you feel. Maybe lube?

I haven’t been through this yet though as only nearly week 3 and have had so much watery discharge it’s been a nightmare. Personally I am missing sex dreadfully.

BUT on another note I had a letter from the hospital saying my CIN3 was removed from cervix and this has now been treated so I’m assuming this is basically an all clear from the hospital so I just need to book my 6 month smear check up so fingers crossed all is ok on that too!
Hope you feel better soon!

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Well I bit the bullet a couple of nights ago and had sex (soooo anxious but told my partner to take it easy) and it didnt hurt per se it just felt a bit uncomfortable (a bit like tender) so I made sure I used alot of lube and I asked him not to go in too deep (sorry for these details). I felt ok afterwards…no bleeding no weird discharge etc but the next couple of days it kind of felt like a little bruised inside…didnt hurt when weeing or anything just when getting on with my everyday things it felt slightly tender inside which I suppose is expected considering its all new fresh cervical tissue down there. SO I have decided to leave it a week and see how I feel and maybe try again.
Ohhhhh I went through all the stages of discharge!..nothing to begin with the first week and a half…then watery pinkish discharge…then small browny bits coming out in my wee which would have been the paste they used…then i was bleeding for a couple of weeks then by the 4th/5th week all started to go back to normal with normal discharge. woo hoo!!..Even now my insides feel slightly tender and thats after 6 weeks recover time…I would image it will take months to get back to 100% normal.
Hope you are feeling ok apart from this horrible discharge :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:

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Hiya again

I took a swab today just in case it was an infection and also bought a shopping trolley as an wondering if I carry too many things and that isn’t helping.
Going to treat said bf to dinner Friday.

So glad things were ok. I think it might take some time but to be honest that’s what relationships are about. I thought that maybe sex was hurting a little prior to my lletz( I did bleed pc) but tricky to know what is psychological
Great all your cells were removed x