Sex after Lletz

Hi all just wondering a few things, I had my Lletz procedure on 15/10/14 I had some bleeding afterwards for a few days then an awful clear smelly discharge which cleared up a few days ago, I realise after reading all posts I seem to be really lucky in the fact I've had no severe bleeding or cramping so due to this I'm wondering if all would be ok to resume sexual activities, I know you are advised not to for 4 weeks and it will have been 2 weeks tomorrow since my procedure but everything seems to be ok down there so has anyone else had sex before the 4 week mark and was all ok?

thanks x

Hi Elaine. That's great that you've had only mild after effects of the lletz. I was the same, didn't even have any bleeding. That said, I'd really advise waiting until you have sex. Just because you're having no symptoms doesn't mean that it isn't still healing. Sex too early could bring on a nasty infection. I was told six weeks to wait but ended up having sex just under four weeks in, so you don't have too long to wait! Good luck with it all xx

Thanks charlotte for the reply I was thinking its probably best to wait the 4 weeks incase of infection and I don't want to cause any problems as I havent suffered too much and don't want to trigger anything. Thanks again, take care and hope all ok with you xx

Hi Elaine, I agree with Charlotte. Better to wait the 4 weeks and be able to relax and really enjoy it instead of worrying about whether or not it was too soon. I had a really good recovery from my LLETZ with barely any bleeding and no pain, but waited 5 weeks just in case. It actually made it all the more enjoyable having to wait!

Laura xx