Sex after LLETZ - update!

So hubby and I did have sex, four weeks and three days after LLETZ (I was advised four weeks).  I was quite nervous and a bit uncomfortable to begin with.  I had a little bit of very light pinkish discharge a few hours afterwards (this was yesterday) and now I feel like I have cystitis!

Do you think we should've waited longer?  I guess it's possible the cystitis-y feeling has nothing to do with LLETZ...

Advice welcome! x

Hi Libby

I was told 6 weeks by my surgeon, although I had a cone biopsy in the end not a LLETZ I think it is similar for recovery.

I would say that if there is bleeding, however small the amount, it might be best to wait for another couple of weeks as thing are obviously not fully healed. You could ask the colposcopy clinic though :)