Sex, 5 weeks post LLETZ

Hi all, 


I had my colposcopy 30/4/2020...during the appointment the colposcopist said she wanted to do the LLETZ becuase the cell changes looked deep so had that done, got my letter back 2 weeks ago confirming CIN 3, it's now been 5 weeks and when me and my partner have had sex (last week and today) it's still really painful and I'm in agony for hours afterwards, my question is,,.has anybody had similar? Is this normal? Do I need to be speaking with a doctor in regards to this? Any advice is appreciated x

Hi Helen 

I had my colposcopy in December and also was diagnosed CIN3 after my colposcopy I had a lot of bleeding on and off and yes I think mine was for weeks on end I have had bleeding on and off ever since my colposcopy. I hadn't had any pain tho so wouldn't be able to say. If you do feel concerned get in touch with your Dr I think because the cells are still there and not been taken away yet it could be that why you are still hearing. When do you have your loop excission booked. I had mine in February. It is very scary but honestly don't worry about the operation. I dwelled so much on mine sending me in to a panic and it was so simple and straight forward. If you need to talk just give me a message xx