Bleeding post sex

Hi there.
I’m 8 weeks post lletz treatment. I waited 4 weeks as advised before having sex with my Husband but a couple of times now I’ve had a little fresh blood after sex. It looks pink. I just wondered if anyone else still bled a little after lletz and how long after is too long? I’m 2 months post treatment.
Still waiting on my results but previous biopsy reported cin 2/3.
Thanks in advance x

Hi, I had my lletz on 14th December 2021, and am experiencing exactly the same as you describe. I had cin 2 before the lletz, had results back and all was clear after the lletz. I don’t have any pain with the bleeding it’s just so annoying happening every time now :pensive:

Thank you so much for getting back in touch. I’m glad you had your results back. I’m still waiting to hear. I’m hoping it is just what the biopsy said. After the post sex bleeding you think the worse.
I wonder if it will stop :pensive:
Thanks Cupcakes x

Have you tried chasing your results? Hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer and all will be well :blush: I’m planning to wait another month or so and if this keeps happening, I will mention it to the colposcopy clinic and see what they say. I have read that occasionally some ladies need to have the area cauterised as there can sometimes be a tiny blood vessel that hasn’t healed completely on the cervix so this might be the issue, or it could possibly be that it hasn’t healed 100% just yet. Yes with any sight of blood it is natural to think the worst. Mine usually stops by the next day and I have no pain at all with it. Is yours the same?

It is. It happened last night and has stopped now.
I had a look on Jo’s and it does say that they interviewed ladies post Lletz and 22% had post sex bleeding 3 months after treatment.
I don’t think we’re on our own.
I’ve tried to chase them but they said they have people off I’ll at Pathology so things are taking longer.

I think you are right. It will probably take a bit more time to heal 100% The positive is that there is no pain and it stops fairly quickly afterwards. Its just a nuisance when it happens. Fingers crossed you get your results back soon xx

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