Post-Coital Bleeding

Not sure if I'm worrying for no reason, but hoping for some advice from anyone who may have been through similar..

I had a LLETZ on 12th September to remove CIN but was also told that a cervical ectropian would be removed at the same time (kill two birds with one stone were the nurse's words). Prior to this I had been experiencing post coital bleeding for the best part of a year, never sure whether this was caused by an erosion or the cervical abnormalities.

Fast forward to after my treatment, I healed really well and when my boyfriend and I first had sex 6 weeks post-treatment, everything was fine! No pain, no bleeding. I thought the post coital bleeding was behind me.

But yesterday I was really upset to find I lost a lot of blood again after sex :( I've been expecting a period so thought maybe it was that, except it stopped straight away and I haven't lost anymore. Not sure whether I've knocked the wound and need to get it looked at? Or just to leave it and hope it will get better?

Laura x 

Hi, Laura.

I've had post-coital bleeding (thankfully not a lot but prolonged) every time I've had sex since LLETZ at the end of August.  My doctor had a look last Wednesday and told me that everything looked ok but it obviously hadn't healed 100% yet and she was sure that was why it was happening. I'm almost 11 weeks post-LLETZ now so it can obviously take time in some cases.

She told me not to worry and that I should call her in four weeks if it hadn't stopped happening and she would ask the colposcopy clinic to see me again, not because she is worried, but because they could cauterise it again for me.

I'm sure you are in the same position, but your doctor could probably reassure you as  mine has done.  In the meantime, try not to worry.  It seems to me that LLETZ is actually pretty brutal and it's not an area of your body that necessarily has the best conditions for healing.


Ah thanks for replying libby. That's put my mind at rest a bit :) think I'll hold on for a while then and hopefully it will get better. Just found it strange that the first few times were absolutely fine and then started bleeding yesterday all of a sudden x

I have the same issue here as Libby

I am thinking of going to the GP about it, and my boyfriend keeps saying that something is 'poking him' when we have sex. :S